American Pioneer Camp: Children built an abandoned space station layout in the forest

For more than 12 years, the enthusiast group organizes a special children’s camp in the forests of New Hampshire in the suburbs New York. Every year, children of this camp together embody the project that they developed at the beginning of the summer.

Children’s camp "Light" is located in the forests of New Hampshire. Children aged 10 to 18 years have rest here. Every year, together with professional artists create an interesting project, which is subsequently reproduced during the summer stay in the camp.

This children’s camp is not funded by the state. It is considered a non-commercial organization that is engaged in the development of children and youth creativity, as well as training through close cooperation, friendship and professional development.

This year the guys created a project of an abandoned space station. Last year, children completed the construction of a giant flipboard.

According to the organizers of this camp, such symbiosis of nature, collective construction and communication helps children develop creative and communicative abilities.

Pioneer camp in American children built a layout of an abandoned space station in the forest

In the summer of 2017, more than 90 children took part in the construction of the building of an abandoned space station, which is called "Rescue Station No. 8".

Draft "Rescue Station No. 8" developed an artist Shing Yin. According to the legend, an abandoned space station is able to save people lost in the forest.

Absolutely all work was carried out by the hands of children. They themselves cut out, painted and created all parts of the Space Station. Today to see this creation can anyone.

Pioneer camp in American children built a layout of an abandoned space station in the forest

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