Pink to the Holy Earth.

CLOVOV "holy Land" filled with a special meaning for every Orthodox person. There are many countries known for their beauty, antiquity of history, the wealth of culture. But on the entire planet there is only one holy land, on which the Messiah promised by God was born – Jesus Christ.

In Orthodoxy, under the pilgrimity, it is meant to visit the holy places, honored monasteries, temples. It has long been distributed in Russia. However, in its original sense, pilgrimage is a visit to the Holy Land.

The most important place of the Promised Land is the city of Jerusalem, which is also called the Holy.

The fanish program for Bogomols from Russia usually begins with a visit to the our spiritual mission. Here pilgrims get blessings. The most important place of the program is the Sunday Temple with His Great Shrine: Calvary, Anointing Stone, Lord’s Grand Coffin. This temple is the main shrine of the Christian world. Each Orthodox pilgrim tries not only to visit him and bow the great shrines, but also pray at night liturgy.

Making a pilgrimage in Jerusalem, fans attend places related to the last days of the earthly life of Jesus Christ. They come to Zion, where the Lord made the last meal with students and established the sacrament of the Eucharist; pray in the Garden Garden, where the Savior was taken by warriors. Pilgrims pass through the cross ways, rise to the Eleon Mountain, from where the resurrected Christ ascended to the sky.

Special love of our Bogomolevs enjoy the places related to the life of Our Lady. Pilgrims will certainly visit the places of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and her Assumption, pray at the tomb of the Virgin in Gethsimania, attend our Gornny Monastery in Ein-Karem, where the Mother of God came after the Annunciation and where it was within three months. In the same village, agreed by legend, Holy John Baptist was born.

At a short distance from Jerusalem there is a modest town, also called the city of King David. The Mother of God came here with Joseph to participate in the census at that time. Here in a small cave who served as a chamber of livestock, the aspirations of the prophets and God were born among people. Visiting the Bethlehem Vestels, which is under the arches of the ancient basilica and the bottom of the cave preserving, pilgrims perceive the indescribable atmosphere of that wonderful Palestinian night when the baby appeared in the light of Christ.

Most of the life of Jesus Christ is connected with Galilee. Here, in the city of Nazaret, the Annunciation. Here Jesus settled together with his mother on returning from Egypt. In Nazaret, he held childhood and youth. In a small village named Ka, he performs the first miracle. On the shores of the Galilee Lake Christos finds the students who become his regular satellites. Finally, on Mount Favor, shortly before his suffering, the Lord is transformed to the students, showing them their divine dignity.

Traveling in Galilee, pilgrims are experiencing gospel events in those places where they happened, listen to the words of Christ where they were told. Evangelical Teaching comes to life in the hearts of the Bogomolers, connecting with the wonderful images of this land.

The Jewish Desert is a strong contrast to the flowering hills of green Galilee. Naked stones burned by the sun, hot sand. Only shallow, but fast Jordan pesters its waters on the dead desert, noting his running bright stains of fresh greenery. At the mouth of the river baptized John Forerunner, calling them to repentance. Here, reaching mature age, Jesus Christ comes. Having adopted baptism from John, the Lord begins his messianic ministry, but before he passes through temptation. To this day, a forty-day mountain is towering in a barren desert, testifying to the victory of Christ over the forces of evil.

Pink to the Holy Earth.

In the Byzantine Epoch, the Jewish desert became the place of the monks. Leaving cities and villages, they went to the desert, settled in the caves and the abuse. To this day, stand in the Jewish desert monasteries, witnesses of the living history of the Church.

The most famous abode of Palestine is considered Laurel of Reverene Savva Savda, located in a hard-to-reach corner of the Jewish desert. One of the most visited monasteries of the Jewish desert is the abode of St. George Hoziewit, built in a green gorge, reminiscent of the oasis. Traveling in the desert, pilgrims rise to the temptation monastery, located on the slope of the forty-day mountain, climb on its top. Finally, they attend the abode of St. Gerasim in the Jordanian Valley, where they remember the touching life of this devotee who had a lion service.

Going down from the Jerusalem Hills in the Western direction and driving through the Green Valley, pilgrims arrive in the seaside city, referred to in the Bible under the name of the IPPII. Currently, it is called Jaffa. It is from the Yaffian port, according to legend, went to the path of the prophet ion. Here, in the house of Simon Kozhevnik, the Apostle Peter was revealed by a vision that prompted him to sermon among the Gentiles. At the end of the last century, the our monastery was erected in Jaffa in honor of the Apostle Peter here.

For two thousand years, the Orthodox pilgrims are rushed to the coffin of the Lord. The Holy Land entails them to themselves, as no other place on the planet. Once upon a time having been on it, it is impossible to forget the beauty of Palestinian landscapes, the wondrous atmosphere of holy places, night worship services at the coffin of the Lord. Holy Land – the cradle of the Christian faith, remains close and dear to the heart of every believer man.

In our times, changeable and unstable, with our continuous desire for a new one, in the holy land is striking its stately, out of the depths of centuries in eternity looking church tradition. The kingdoms crushed, the continents were opened, the states were shocked by Wars and Revolutions, capturing sometimes and Palestine, and in the depths of the night, the Svyatognobsky monk got up and went to commit the Divine Service on the Holy Coffin, went to worship the reigning over all. So it was for centuries, so it is now, and – I want to believe – it will be so until the last midnight, when all the coffins in the entire Universe will empty under the sounds of the Arkhangelsk.

While the world is serenely sleeping or carelessly having fun far over midnight, in the Holy Land in a huge-walled huge temple, night prayer is going on, and maybe this prayer is still the light. The reverent pilgrim will touch the Holy Land to a completely special world, the memory of which will remain with him until the end of days.

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