Pink snails on the streets of Miami

Pink snails 2.5 meters high by Miami on November 19th. The appearance of snails on the streets of Miami is nothing but an art installation. As an organizer, such a large-scale installation acts by Cracking Art GROUP. The official name of the installation sounds like "RGNERATION", however it is more often called "Pink Snails", which is not surprising. Giant snails will appear in the key points of Miami, for example, at the entrance to the center of Ar Deco, where they will stay within six weeks. Next, the way of the snails is prairing to the West, along the high-speed motorways. Separate snails will be highlighted with solar energy lanterns.

Pink snails on the streets of Miami

Snails originate from Italy. They are created by art group Cracking Art Group (CAP), known creation of giant animals and sculptures. In particular, the CAP group is known for the installation of turtles in Syracuses during the G8 Environmental Summit. Creating sculptures from recycled plastic and conducting similar installations, the Group speaks in favor of environmental protection. "Today, recycling is so much of the culture that it is easy to forget how important it is and that we can always do more. This funny art project will make people stop and wonder, and then stop and thinking again. "Maami Beach Matti Bauer celebrates.

Pink snails on the streets of Miami

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