Pink Pyramid Pharaoh Snofra

Prices and other information in this article are relevant for April 2021. Now Dakhshur necropolis and pink pyramid are open again for tourists (after closing due to coronavirus in the past April and discovery in July).

Pink Pyramid is located in the necropolis of Dakhshur in the south of the city of Giza. There are ten major royal tobs of different eras, and the pink pyramid is the biggest one and the best of all remained. This is the third in the size of the pyramid in Egypt after the pyramid of Heops and the pyramid of Heffren. Its height is now 104 meters, and it was originally even higher – 109.5 meters.

The construction of this monument is attributed to the Snofra – the first pharaoh of the dynasty, which is ruled by Egypt around 2600 to our era.

In total, there is a broken pyramid in a kilometer, also ascribed by Pharaoh Snofra, and she planned to be higher than pink. But for technical reasons, its faces had to be changed right along the construction, and it turned out to be a height of only 101 meters.

At the time of completion of the construction, the pink pyramid became the highest building in the world, but this record lasted only a few decades – before the construction of the pyramid of Heops.

According to the official version, its name pink pyramid received from the color of limestone, from which it was built. You can look at the photo in this article and try to find this pink color. To be honest, then it is imperceptible there, and many tourists cannot "take a lot", where all the same name.

It is believed that this pink shade can be seen when rays fall on the pyramid from the setting sun. There is nothing surprising, the light of the setting sun has a red shade, and in its rays everything seems or pink, or reddish. At this point, pink camels pass by, there are pink guards with pink Kalashnikov’s pink machines. Very cute sight.

In English, it is called "red", apparently, English-speaking Egyptologists see a pink shade clearer us. Another name "Northern", as it is located in the northern part of Necropolis Dakhshur.

Than pink pyramid interesting for tourists

The most important thing is every tourist can get inside for free (not counting 60 pounds for entrance to Dakhshur). For example, look inside the Hoeop Pyramid now costs 400 Egyptian pounds.

At the base of the pink pyramid, you can now see the facing of white limestone (in the photo on the left), which was mined with the Tour settlement. Such a stone was once lined with the entire surface, but in the era of the Middle Ages, the cladding was actively filming from all Egyptian pyramids for building buildings in Cairo.

It is amazing, but a nearby broken pyramid has a facing remained almost untouched. That is, the pink pyramid "rimmed like a thread", and the broken did not touch at all. Explanations of this fact, Egyptologists have not yet found, even no reasonable hypothesis on this score.

Pink Pyramid Beginning Epoch Building Smooth Classic Pyramids of the Ancient Kingdom. It can be called "mother" the pyramids of Heops, Hefren and the Small Pyramid Mencar.

It is believed that this was the third tomb of Pharaoh Snofer. The first is a pyramid in the medum, but Pharaoh Snofer did not build it completely, but only completed. The pyramid in the medium collapsed in antiquity. The second tomb is a broken pyramid here in Dakhshire. During its construction, the threat of the burial chamber collapse was discovered, the load was too high. The angle of inclination of the faces decreased to 43 degrees, it also has such a bizarre form.

After two failures, Pharaoh Snofer began the third project. Apparently, he decided to immediately be sure, and the angle of the faces initially made 43 degrees. This project can already be called fully successful.

Many tourists notice that the pink pyramid differs in appearance from other pyramids – it is flattened. So it is, the slope of the faces of the rest of the Egyptian pyramids – 51.5 degrees.

At the pedestrine at the foot of the building there is a small stone (in the photo on the right), which is considered a separate landmark of Dakhura. Such a stone was intended for installation on top of the pyramid, it is called "Pyramidon".

He was found on the ruins of the memorial temple of Pharaoh nearby nearby. The stone was split, and now you see his already restored version. Guides love to tell that this is the only pyramidone from a big pyramid that has survived to this day, and that he once stood on top of the pink pyramid.

It is very doubtful. First, it is clearly enough. On the vertices of the pyramids, special designs are preserved – platforms for installing pyramidons. It shows them that the pyramids of large pyramids were several times more. In addition, the angle of inclination of the faces of this pyramidone is about 50 degrees, and in the pink pyramid – 43 degrees. Most likely, this pyramidone from another small pyramid.

How to get

Necropolis Dakhshur is located 30 kilometers south of the city of Giza, respectively, 35 kilometers from Cairo. You can go here by taxi for 100-120 Egyptian pounds.

If you decide to come to Dakhshur yourself, we strongly recommend paying the driver’s easy. Catch a taxi back will be extremely problematic, it is better to pay 20 pounds to the driver so that he wait for you.

It is best to come to Dakhshur as part of an organized excursion. It is the cheapest and easiest and safest way.

Dakhshur – the farthest necropolis of ancient Memphis, and there are few visitors. Of course, there were no cases of abduction of tourists here yet, but any such deserted place in Egypt represents a potential danger to a foreigner.

Excursion is also convenient than in one day you can see all the biggest and interesting pyramids in Egypt. You look at the great pyramids in Giza, Sakcara necropolis, a stepped pyramid of Joster and Necropolis Dakhshur. All this tourists are looking in one day and only 50-60 American dollars. Excursion – Perfect Option.

Working hours

From 8-00 am to 17-00 days.

What’s the cover charge

Entrance to the territory of Necropolis Dakhshur costs 60 Egyptian pounds. Entrance inside the pyramid is free.

How much time plan to visit

One hour is enough to see everything interesting inside and outside.

What is inside

Inside, tourists can get free and free. On some sites on the Internet there are such phrases: "You can freely take a walk inside the pyramid". The phrase sounds very funny, as the passage inside has a width of a little more than a meter and a height of about a meter.

The length of the passage is about 60 meters and it is tilted down at an angle of 27 degrees. If you are a little growth, you can easily move on it. High people have to go squatting, which is very difficult.

The downward pass is replaced by a horizontal about 10 meters long, and after it the first burial chamber begins, where you can finally break the back.

Output. If you are high growth (from 1.8 meters and higher) and want to get inside the pink pyramid, then go to the pants that will not pity. Or the second option – take with you knee pads that use skateboarders and rollers (photo). Then in the process of movement you can get on your knee, and it will be much easier to move.

In the burial chamber spacious. The most interesting for tourists here is a stepped ceiling of 12 meters high. However, there is nothing more to watch, you can go to the second burial chamber.

It leads a very narrow passage in southern wall. Externally, it is very similar to the first chamber, except for one element – a wooden staircase. This staircase has already built modern archaeologists. Raising her, you will get to another passage, which leads to the third burial chamber.

Pink Pyramid Pharaoh Snofra

The second burial chamber has its own feature – it is located exactly in the center of the pyramid, which is very rare. The first two cameras are at the ground level, and the third is already laid out inside the masonry. Later, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizing the burial chamber directly in the masonry uses and develops Pharaoh Heops – Son Snofra.

It is the third chamber that is supposedly used as a scene of the burial of Pharaoh Snofer. Three cameras were made to protect against robbers, that is, the first two of them were false.

Even such tricks did not help. Like all the pyramids of the ancient kingdom of Egypt, this was robbed completely. It happened in the era of the first transition period – the moment of anarchy in the history of Egypt, when almost all ancient monuments were injured.

The third camera is the largest in size, the ceiling height is 15 meters. The floor of this camera is badly damaged, it is believed that the robbers were looking for other countersunk premises.

On this excursion inside the pink pyramid ends. Now you have to go back through the same passage of meter height, but up. By the way, up to go easier, because even a high person you can move nourishing.

Tourists surprises that the walls of the passages and the burial chambers are completely empty. There are no inscriptions, bas-reliefs or frescoes. The tradition of painting the walls of the tomb appeared later – in the rule of the V dynasty.

Disputes about authorship

The official version states that Pyramid built Pharaoh Snofra, but many argue with it.

Proof of the authorship of the Snofer is only one – his name in the Cartus was found in some facing blocks. Ancient Egyptian builders had a good habit of labeling building blocks. They wrote the names of the construction teams, which were instructed by these blocks to install, or the location of the block.

Unfortunately, there are no other evidence, and the opponents of the authorship of the Snofer have a lot of weighty arguments.

Pharaoh Snofra is attributed to the completion of the pyramid in the medium, building the broken and pink pyramids. In addition, he became famous for the construction of several majestic temples. The volume of construction with Pharaoh Snofer was very large – 1.5-2 times more than with his son Hoeopse.

The time of the board in the Snofer and Heops are comparable – it is 30-40 years. It turns out that the Snofer somehow built much more than the following rulers of Egypt. How it happened? Pharaoh Heops remained in the memory of descendants as a tyrant, who ruthlessly drove people to build her tomb and spent all the resources of the country on this construction. Pharaoh Snofer remained in the memory of the people as a very good ruler. How it happened?

Some Egyptologists suggest that the Snofra built only one of the pyramids – or broken, or pink. There is another interesting and logical theory that the Snofer did not have time to build a pink pyramid during his lifetime, and his son Hoeops had completed.

If you are interested in an ancient story, then be sure to visit Dakhshur to look at the pink pyramid, you will not be disappointed.

More important and useful tips

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– Cairo can be reached by metro station to El Monib, it is finite in the south of the city. Hence the taxi to Dakhshura will cost cheaper. Metro schema, see our article "Metro Cairo";

– To buy a ticket, change dollars or euros on Egyptian pounds in advance. Read our review "How and where to change money in Egypt";

– In Dakhshre, it’s hot, because it is already a sugar desert. Do not forget about the dangers of the sun. Read our review "What is dangerous in Egypt for tourists".

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Pink Pyramid Pharaoh Snofra

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