Pink Night in Rimini

On the night of July 1, Riviera Emilia-Romagna will plunge into the happy dream of the pink night – the annual beach-disco festival will begin, which is one of the brightest holidays of the Adriatic Riviera.

Pink nights are held on Riviere Romagna since 2006 – this is a kind of interpretation of famous St. Petersburg White Nights, filled with musical shows, parties and, of course, all shades of pink. Every year the holiday theme is determined: in 2010 it was a "sweet life", in 2011 – "Happy Sleep".

In this crazy night, sights, buildings and even ordinary kiosks and Rimini shops are highlighted in a special way – so that, thanks to its pink lighting robe, become full participants of a large-scale show. Dancers, singers, tourists, locals – all dressed in pink clothes.

On the beaches in pink covers, ordinary mattresses are closed, thousands of roses are decorated with pier, pink cocktails are served in bars, and the streets light pink lights. Even milk takes this night in Rimini Pink.

Pink Night in Rimini

This year, in the pink night, as before, all resorts Riviera Rimini: only twelve cities and the city of San Marino. The total length of the beaches covered with pink discos, parties, shows and perfoans – 110 kilometers. In 2010, the guests of the Pink Night became more than two million people, and this year the organizers of the Italian summer New Year (so called the holiday because of its mass) plan to attract even more vacationers.

Honorary guests of the Pink Night-2011 will be Joan As Police Woman and Ricky Martin, and the culmination event will be the grand fireworks whose lights will cite more than a hundred kilometers of the coast.

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