Pink Lake Hillier, Australia

Australia is the most ancient mainland, due to its insolation and wealth of unique animals and plants. Kangaroo and koala have long been nominalized for these places. On its territory recorded Over 500 types of eucalyptus, Curry trees, the length of which reaches 90 meters and a lot of orchid varieties.

The continent bizarre combines mountain peaks, golden beaches, annually driving surfingists from around the world. But one of the most amazing and attracting seats is undoubtedly Lake Hillier.

Hidden from prying eyes on the island Mil-Island, The reservoir was found by Flinders. Rising to the top of the island in the distant 1802, the Briton was fascinated by the opened beauty of pink overflows.

The biggest island in the archipelago Solhersch Instantly attracted advantage of the unusual tint of water. One of whose features was to preserve the color: even when set in a separate flask, the water retained its motley color.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the reservoir was used to mining salt, but the work was discontinued less than ten years later. Unlike a variety of other color lakes, scattered on the planet, the reason for the unnatural color of Hillier is unknown.

Scientists have not yet come to a single conclusion why water in the lake is painted in a bright pink color. For many years, it was believed that the whole thing in a special salt filling the lake, but after prolonged research, the theory was denied. In the 20th century, they suspected that the pink color of the reservoir is obliged to special microorganisms in combination with salt, but it did not find confirmation.

After conducting metagenomic studies in 2016, it turned out that the unusual shade is obtained due to the ordinary Algae Danaliella Solonged, as well as other organisms, and some species of Archey.

Pink Lake Hillier, Australia

Despite the fact that the lake Hillier awakens genuine interest, it is quite rarely visited by. Due to the great remoteness of water routes, the only way to get to it are private helicopters. However, travel companies provide similar services.

From a bird’s eye view 600 meter reservoir, whose edge is littered with white sand, surrounded by eucalyptus forest. Its oval shape and bright color resemble a bowl full of punch. His depth leaves much to be desired: even in the middle it does not cover a person and the belt. Due to the large concentration of salt, water pushes the body to the surface – in the best traditions of the Dead Sea.

And unlike many similar lakes, doctors recognize it absolutely harmless to the skin. The best time to visit the lake, like most of Australia, is Australian summer – from December to February. During the rest of the year, the color loses its saturation.

Inaccessibility and practically complete isolation, as it is impossible to reflect what tourists love Australia – for its dissimilarity on other continents. And even though Lake Hillier is not the only pink reservoir on the planet, unlike the majority – he still stands for his secrets.

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