Pink Lake Hiller

Every year, tens of thousands of tourists come to the southwest of the mainland, wanting to make sure that in reality, the reality looks the same as in the photo.

Why water in rose lake?

The mystery of the lake is not solved. It used to be believed that the reason in the organisms of Dunaliella and Halobacteria, which create paint. According to another version, the color was influenced by the red bacteria Halophilic. The third assumption is a combination of a certain salinity of water and specific microorganisms. But the tests held in the 50s were not confirmed by any of the guesses.

History of Lake Hiller

In 1802, the lake first mentioned the British researcher by Metya Flinders. On the road to Sydney, he made a stop on the island of Middle Island and drew attention to pink water.

In the 20-40 years of the 4th century, the place has become popular among seal hunters and kitoboev, later they began to extract salt, but the resource is dried already six years later.

Legend of Lake

According to the legend, in the XVII century in the waters of Middle Island, the ship fell into the storm and sunk. Saving managed only to one sailor, but the element exhausted it. Broken bones made movement painful, and food search turned into a test. After a while, distrait from despair, he prayed: "I will sell the soul to the devil, if only it ended".

Pink Lake Hiller

Then a man with two pitchers appeared from the shade and said: "In the first jug – blood, in the second – milk. One will save you from pain, the other – from hunger. Plow them in the lake and plunge into the water ». The sailor decided that he lost his mind, but he listened to a stranger. Having emerged, he discovered that the man disappeared, and with him pain and hunger.

Lake Hiller Lake (Hillier) Lake Hiller (Hillier) Lake Hiller Lake Hillar (Hillier) Hiller (Hillier)

Later, pirates landed on Middle Island and captured the sailor. They were alerted that the prisoner does not feel pain, and he doesn’t need food. They considered it bad sign and soon thrown off the captive in the ocean.

By the way, the name "Hiller" is consonant with the word "Healer", which is translated from English as "healer".

Pink Lake Hiller

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