Pine cones jam

Jam – dessert with a thousand-year history, full experiments: from time immemorial in sugar syrup, not only berries and fruits, but also flower petals, vegetables, root plants, beans and even cones of coniferous plants. We tell about how it is useful jam from pine cones, which is included in its composition and how to cook it amazing delicacy.

Useful properties of jam from pine cones

The jar of fragrant jam is quite capable of replacing a small pharmacy, and it has long been used in medicinal purposes . The main thing among the beneficial properties of pine cones jam is its bactericidal action: pine produces phytoncides – biologically active substances, destroying bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms. Forest jam in the diet is a great way to enhance immunity and resistance to infectious diseases.

Most often it is used to prevent and treat diseases of the respiratory tract – ARVI, flu, angina, bronchitis and even pneumonia. Jam has an expectorant effect and copes well with dry cough. It is used in the treatment of tuberculosis: Pine essential oils are detaching for koche sticks.

The delicacies with the aroma of needles perfectly tones, increases the level of hemoglobin, the mood lifts even stimulates the work of the brain: facilitates memorizing information and helps restore speech after stroke. It strengthens the heart and vessels, prevents the development of heart attack, helps with hypertension.

Small doses of pine jam have a positive effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, improve the work of the pancreas, gallbladder and digestion in general, and the essential oils kill parasites – giardia and worms. Thanks to its disinfectant properties, pine cones jam heals ulcers in the oral cavity and reduces the bleeding of the gums.

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Harm and contraindications

The benefits and harm of the jam made of cones depend on the dose: in large quantities it can increase the level of sugar, cause pain in the stomach, disorders in the work of the liver, food disorders and allergic reactions in the form of a rash, a cold, cough, tears and swelling of the nose and throat. Pine drug has a tonic effect, so it is not recommended to use before bedtime. In addition, it is not worth offering this dessert to children under three years and people aged 60, pregnant and lactating women, allergic, diabetics and those who suffer from chronic kidney and liver diseases.

Composition and calorie

Pine cones contain vitamins B, C, K and PP, rare minerals – aluminum, copper, chrome, iron, and lipids, tannin and linolenic acid. Such a composition and makes the jam effective therapeutic agent, which is beneficial to immunity and nervous system, protein synthesis, heart and blood clotting, blood coagulation. Jam made of pine cones are prepared with a large amount of sugar, but despite this, it is so low-calorie, which is not contraindicated even to people with a tendency to completeness. In 100 g of this delicacy, only 180 kcal – less only in the sea buckthorn and apple jam.

How to take pine cones jam

Like any medicine, use pine cones jams need to be modeled: adults – no more than 2-3 tablespoons per day, children – one tablespoon. Doctors warn: coniferous jam – strong allergen, and start receiving trial literally from one drop, gradually increasing the dose. If allergic reactions do not appear, you can enter an exotic product in the diet.

The method of use depends on the target: for example, as a tap, you can drink a half-table of water from a diluted with a teaspoon of pine cones diluted in it in it . From cough and throat pain advise three times a day, eat on a small spoonful of a healing dessert, drinking a cup of warm tea, and when bronchitis, a one-time dose increases to a tablespoon. The same portion helps when dealing with parasites – in this case, take the jam you need two weeks, eliminating other sweets. In folk medicine, it is used in joint pain: the teaspoon of jam is added to tea and drink until the symptoms go.

When and how to collect bumps for jam

Only young cones are suitable for cooking jam: they contain maximum vitamins and minerals. Collect shoots from the end of spring until the middle of the summer – depending on the region. Residents of the southern regions of Russia are sent for harvest already in May, in Moscow and the Moscow region it is better to wait until mid-June, and in the north, the time of collecting cones is coming only in July. Family of 3-4 people will enforce one kilogram of these gifts of nature to stock jam on autumn and winter.

For billets, the bumps are selected with a length of 4-5 cm, but the smallest – up to 2 cm are becoming the most gentle and delicious in the cooking process. They should be bright, juicy, fragrant, and most importantly – soft: if you click on the bump of a nail, it is easily pushing. Coniferous tree also need to choose correctly – without signs of rotting and other diseases.

The bumps are easily absorbed toxins and other harmful substances, so do not assemble them in the city park – it is better to go to the forest, moving at least 300 meters from highways and industrial enterprises.

Recipes of coniferous jam


This is a recipe for cooking jam without cooking: 1 kg of cones need to be rinsed, cut into parts and flood 2 kg of sugar, how to mix the ingredients and put them in sterilized banks. Each container is covered with gauze and leave on the sun or at a warm battery, periodically shaking. When sugar is completely dissolved, the banks are closed by an ordinary lid and remove into the refrigerator. The product prepared on this recipe is especially useful when cold, flu and bronchitis.

The fastest

1 kg of pine cones are poured into the saucepan, poured with water (its level should be 2-3 cm tipped steels), fall asleep 1 kg of sugar and boil about 2 hours, interfere with the jam, it is not burned. When preparing, several cones can be cut along in half, and the others leave as integer – this will be preserved not only their appearance, but also useful properties.


First prepare sugar syrup: 1.5 kg of sugar poured 0.5 liters of water and boiled on slow heat until the liquid becomes thick and transparent. Thoroughly washed and cut into the pieces of the bumps are put into enameled dishes, mixed with syrup, bring to a boil and removed from the fire for 4-5 hours: during this time the bumps absorb syrup, and the jam will acquire an amber hue. The procedure is repeated three times, and at the end, the mixture baptizes on low heat for about an hour. Ready jam spill over sterile banks and stored in a dark cool place.

Pine cones jam

With lemon

100 g of pine cones will need half a lemon, 200 g of sugar and a glass of water. Washing bumps need to lay out in a saucepan, add a lemon, sugar and water cut with thin plates. The mixture is adjusted to a boil and cook for 15-20 minutes, periodically stirring until the syrup will acquire a pinkish shade. Jam is overflowing into sterile banks, turn them upside down, cover with something warm and leave for 12 hours. This dessert perfectly tones and strengthens immunity due to the high content of vitamin C, and the citrus flavor neutralizes the coniferous mustard.

With cedar nuts

1 kg of peeled cedar nuts are fried on a hot frying pan for 10-15 minutes. 1 kg of pine cones are put in a saucepan, poured 1 liter of water and bring to a boil, then add 1 kg of sugar, nuts and a pinch of cinnamon. All this is boiled about 2 hours on medium fire, regularly stirring and removing foam. When jam with cedar nuts is ready, it is shifted in banks, turn them over and wrapped up with a warm blanket until the next morning.

Flame cones

The useful properties are also in spruce cones: the jam of them tones, removes heat, pain and inflammation, strengthens the vessels and immunity, destroys microbes. It is used in angina, pneumonia, cystitis, osteochondrosis, cardiovascular diseases, the healing product helps to recover after heart attacks and strokes. Tinstures and other drinks are also made of fir bumps. Here are some delicious recipes .

Honey syrup

The three-liter container is filled with two-thirds cone, poured 1 liter of honey and leave in the sun for 3-4 months, shaking every 3 days. Ready syrup is filled and cleaned in the refrigerator.

Fir-branch dessert

Delicious and useful delicacy is boiled not only from the cones, but also from young twigs with a cheese: 1 kg of raw materials are poured 3 liters of water and boiled on slow heat until the volume of fluid decreases three times. The mixture is filtering, 1 liter of honey and a tablespoon of the alcohol tinctuine of propolis add. Dessert is stored in tightly closed sterilized banks and used to restore forces after surgery, heart attack or stroke.

In the welding kettle, 4-5 spruce bumps are poured, poured with boiling water, insist half an hour, and before use cinnamon, lemon and honey add. Coniferous tea is brown, relieves fatigue and strengthens the body.


Spruce and pine cones are cut in half and put in a three-liter jar, leaving some free space. The bumps are poured 200 ml of vodka and 200 ml of liquid honey, insist for three weeks, scratching every 4-5 days. Tincture is used for diseases of the joints and digestive organs, and before use is filled.

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