Pine branch filter cleaned water from 99% of bacteria

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States were able to create a wood filter that purifies water from 99% of bacteria, including from the intestinal sticks. The filter was made from Xleema – young wood, which is right under the crust, writes RIA "News".

The xyl cartridges are produced: first, the branches or trunks are cleaned of the crust, cut to the required dimensions, then exposed to heat treatment, with ethanol and dried. Experts believe that such filters will cost inexpensively.

The study presents trees from which such filters are offered to do. For Russia, it is a pine, pine black, spruce, larch Dauroskaya, Eastern flat, Fir Sakhalin.

Pine branch filter cleaned water from 99% of bacteria

The prototype, which created scientists, filters water at the speed of a liter per hour. Depending on the needs of farms, the filter is recommended either daily or weekly.

"Among water pollutants, the most deadly have biological origin – these are pathogenic bacteria, viruses, simplest and parasites. The xylem filter effectively copes with biological pollutants, as well as with suspenders, such as clay. Water acquires greater transparency, "explained the essence of the study of the junior researcher in the laboratory of integrated research of forest dynamics of Eurasia Siberian Federal University Maria Tabakov.

Pine branch filter cleaned water from 99% of bacteria

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