Pinar del Rio: Paradise for adventure seekers

A wide variety, various and well-preserved ecosystems, flora and fauna, the richness of landscapes coming from semi-deserts to rainforest – all this makes Cuba to the place with endless opportunities for adventure and ecological tourism.

Province of Pinar del Rio, located in the west of the island, has an exceptional advantage in this regard: there are two sites on its territory, announced by UNESCO world reserves of the biosphere – Guanaacabibes Peninsula and Sierra del Rosario Valley. The charm of their flora and fauna is the main attractiveness of the province, the lands of the best tobacco in the world.

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In relation to the flora of other regions of the Caribbean, even such types of plants are typical here, which are usually found in softer climatic zones, which is explained by the nature of the country and its very moderate for the tropical belt climate.

These rarities live here, as the oldest crocodile Rhondo and Lamine, who, rightfully, are considered a representative of prehistoric time (first on Earth, and the second on the water). Very exotic are also: the smallest bat-butterfly bat in the world, a tiny frog, separating the title of the smallest frog in the world with "Sunsun" (Hummingbird), also known as "Birds Mukhu".

The Natural Reserve and the International Diving Center Maria La Gorda is located on the Gunaacabibes Peninsula. Maria La Gorda means Tolstaya Maria. This place is associated with old pirate stories. At the bottom of the bays and bays here still find the remains of sunken ships. The diving zone is under the closer protection of the state, in order to preserve the pristine beauty of coastal waters and primarily a unique coral reef.

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In the area of ​​the center of scuba diving there are about 50 seats for dives, located from 5 minutes to 1 hour walk on the yacht. Kayo Levis Islands and Kaio Hutias offer vacationers charming seabed, fabulous snow-white beaches and transparent water of the Atlantic for the occupation of all types of water sports.

In Sierra del Rosario, imaginable imagination unique intermountal valleys, "Mogota" – Step Hills with Flat Vertices. Here are the most interesting archaeological places, karst valleys, underground rivers, attractive caves and picturesque waterfalls.

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  • Pinar del Rio Paradise for adventure seekers

The most popular natural treasures of this area are in the world famous "Vinyales Valley" ("Valle de Vinhales"). In 1999. UNESCO assigned Vinyales Valley The status of cultural landscapes of mankind.

Evergreen, dry and pine forests and mangrove groves are the most encountered forest arrays, where you can see a unique palm cork, the inhabitant of prehistoric times, which has lived to this day. And in Savannah, archaic blooming cacti and orchids are the most common plants. Soroa – Botanical Garden-Nursery Orchids, the largest nursery of Cuba orchids is literally in "Lost world", Surrounded by mountain ranges.

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Tourist complex "Las Terraces", Where natural exotic reigns – an excellent place to unity with nature. Many of all these places are attracted by experts and lovers engaged in the trekking, leading bird watching and fond of speleotourism; Paths for pedestrian and cycling walks are properly marked and equipped with pointers.

Those who want to explore these evergreen forests, mangrove thickets, mysterious grots and the most beautiful waterfalls will find here a real paradise. Thanks to the spectacular landscape and a wide variety of flora and fauna, Pinar del Rio is a fabulous place for those who are interested in environmental and adventure tourism.

  • Karst caves
  • Evergreen forests
  • Cigar factory

In addition, here you can visit the old cigar factory and the licerry factory, on which since 1892 it is manually produced "Guayabita del Pinar" – A peculiar alcoholic drink that is one of the distinguishing products of this province.

The charm of Nature Pinar del Rio is complemented by the inimitableness of its capital with the same title. Here, you can see a large fan of architectural buildings – the eclecticism of the 19th century, which give the city their distinctive style. Unique modern hotels in historic buildings are ready to accept their guests from all over the world.

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Many hotel chains in Cuba have their hotels in Pinar del Rio, where comfort is combined with the inimitable natural beauty of these places, creating ideal conditions, including for business, tourism incentive, for conferences.

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Visiting Pinar del Rio Province, everywhere you will meet the guilty and hospitality of local residents. Beautiful and strong people, generous nature Pinar del Rio invite you to survive the diverse and unforgettable adventures of tropical summer. Cuba is waiting for you!

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