Plzen (Plze&# 328;)

Plzen (Plzen) – The fourth largest city in the Czech Republic, located in the west of the country, 89 km from Prague. Industrial, Commercial, Cultural and Administrative Center for Western Bohemia. Population – 171 104 people (2011).

Based about 1292 Czech King Wezlaw II, Plzen did not grow up at the place of settlement or township, as was common in those century, and was built on the royal decree on the plain. The city was divided into quarters with a huge central square (the largest in Western Europe), and the streets were crossed exclusively at right angles.

Plzen is the birthplace of the famous Czech beer Pilzner, which here is boiled from the day the foundation. The abundance of beer restaurants and cafes, mandatory for visiting the Museum of Brewing, and even the presence on the street of automata that sells cannon beer (subject to the presence of a special scanner of a document on the offensive of the buyer’s majority), definitely declare that you are in «Beer capital» Czech Republic.

Gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomewee
, With a tower reaching 102 meters in height – is the highest cathedral in the Czech Republic. 301 Stairs leads to the viewing area in the Tower of the Cathedral. The beginning of the construction of the church is associated with the city bookmark «New Pilsen» Wenceslas II in 1295. One of the shrines of the cathedral and the object of pilgrimage – the statue of the Plzen Virgin Mary. The author of the sculpture is unknown, sculpture dating about 1390 year.

Big Synagogue
– The second largest in Europe after Budapest and third in the world, may accommodate more than two thousand parishioners. The synagogue was built in 1892 on the border of the Old Town near the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew for the Flysher project, architect from Vienna. The building is built in a romance-Mauritan style with gothic elements. The synagogue has granitas and two 45-meter towers (initially planned height of 65 m).

At the time of construction, the Jewish community of the city exceeded more than two thousand people, however, during World War II, most of them were destroyed, and part emigrated.

Pilside historical dungeon
– Piercing the entire historical center system of underground strokes and corridors is the largest in Central Europe. Going into the catacombs, you will see an exhibition of archaeological finds, as well as a replica of a system of medieval urban water pipeline. Site dungeon

West Museum
– His building, built at the beginning of the twentieth century in an unfulfilled style, is one of the dominant Pilse. The component of the museum is the Armory Chamber with a unique collection of Gothic weapons.

Renaissance Town Hall
– Founded in the XVI century.

Museum of Brewing
– Home Modern attraction, attracting the greatest number of tourists. The museum is the only kind of kind in the Czech Republic. It is located in the historic center of the city in an old house, the written mention of which refers to the end of the 15th century. His owners in past centuries used the privilege of cooking beer.

Pilsen (PLZE;)

In addition to visiting the museum itself, excursion tours are organized at Pilsner Urquell or Gambrinus brewery, located on the territory of Plant PlzeƄský Prazdroj.

– The magnificent zoo in which along with only a few zoos of the world can be seen, for example, exotic lizards from the island of Komodo. Animals are not locked in cells, but walk through extensive enclosures imitating live nature. Zoo website

Dinosaur Park "Dinopark"
– A unique entertainment and educational park, in which you can see static, mobile and voiced models of prehistoric animals in full size. Site Dinopark

From Prague to Pilse, you can reach the bus: from station. Metro ZLI&# 269;íN (80 czk, time on the way about 1 hour) and from Praha Florenc bus station (100 CZK, travel time 1 hour 40 minutes).

In addition, the Pilse can be reached by bus from Karlovy Var (1.5 hours, 76 CZK, 8 flights a day).

From Prague to Pilse can be reached by train. Trains depart from Central Station Prague (Praha Hlavn&# 237; NáDRA&# 382;&# 237;), daily from 4.00 to 23.30, Departure every hour. Fare Cost 140 CZK, Travel Time 1.5 hours.

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