Town Plsen Located in the west of the Czech Republic on the Berkown River (when filling four rivers), 90 kilometers from Prague. The city is founded by King Vaclav II in 1292. Plzen – the fourth largest city of the Czech Republic, 167 thousand people live in the city. It is located at a height of about 300 m above sea level.

Pilsen is a major administrative, industrial, cultural center of Western Bohemia, the streets of whom intersect at right angles. With the Middle Ages, the city was the center of Gusites.

The Plzeni center is the republic’s roaster – the largest in Europe, on which the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew is located with the highest gothic tower.

By the way, Plzen is the birthplace of Czech beer Pilsen, so right is considered the beer capital of the Czech Republic, where many tourists come to «Beer» excursions.

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What is interesting to see in Plze?

Top attractions Pilsey

Church of St. Bartholomew

Museum of Brewing Plant "Plzensky ..

Catacombs Pilse

Scientific Center Skoda – Techman

Museum of Puppets and Museum of Monsters

Pilsen: excursions and events

There are 2 major tourist centers in Plzen (on the central square of the republic and near the train station) in which you can sign up for any excursion you are interested in. Here is the list of the most popular tourists from the tourists offered by him in Plzen:

  • Make a walking tour of the historical Centra of Pilse, since all the tourist of the facilities are located close to each other. Or take a bike to rental, which will reduce the cost of time, rentals are almost all hotels.
  • Visit Interactive Park "Dinopark", In it, you will see the exhibits of the Mesozoic era (the park is located next to the local zoo) and the new technical scientific-sensitive center for the most curious, where the topics of optical illusions are perfectly revealed, you will solve puzzles, technical riddles.
  • Plzen has an amazing dungeon location – catacombs, there can even see part of the system of medieval urban water pipeline.
  • Plzene has a museum of puppets on the Republic Square.
  • On the brewery Plzen, you will be allowed if you are 18 years old. Persons under 18 years old are allowed at the plant Pilsen only with adults, when visiting the cellars, it is necessary to warm up, there is a temporature of no more than 8 degrees.
  • Pilsen, Czech Republic Holidays, reviews, hotels Plzen Tour Profit Guide

Note that the cost of tickets for excursions and the museum is much lower in winter, and in the summer tourist peak prices are the highest.

History Pilse

Climate in Plzene

Climate in the city of Pilsen Moderately Continental Plain. Winter soft, unstable. Minimum temperatures up to -20 degrees. Summer warm, sometimes roast, frequent days with tempoctures up to +33 degrees and above.

Affects the influence of the Atlantic, so at night the air in Plzen is very wet, and in the summer night enough cool. Annual precipitation just over 500 mm. sediments for seasons are distributed evenly. Of the unfavorable phenomena – droughts and floods caused by heavy rains, which is often in the whole Czech Republic. See the details of the weather in Plzen by months.

Pilsen: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Night establishments in Plzen a little, but almost every step you will meet small beer restaurants. They work until late evening.

Be sure to visit many shops in the historic center of Pilse. There are shops of clothing, shoes, you can buy souvenirs, dishes and more. Many souvenir benches near the brewery. By the way, a variety of fairs are held on the republic’s area throughout the year, bazaars.

Children will resist in the zoo and a movie. Here you can make bike trunks. There are many trees in the park, and on a hot day in their shadows you can relax. Nearby is a botanical garden. For children in the city enough game sites in shopping centers. Pilsen How can not be suitable for resting the whole family.

Transport features Pilse

In the city of Plzen Compact historical part you walked.

However, public transport is also well developed in Plzen. At your service buses, trolleybuses, trams where you can get to any place that interests you. Three tram lines make up the basis of the city’s transport infrastructure, they connect the suburbs with the city center. Bus routes only complement the tram and trolleybus.

Trams in the city of yellow, trolleybuses of green, and red buses. At the same time, Plze’s public transport is one of the most eco-friendly in Europe.

Travel costs 12 crowns, day ticket to buy more profitable, its cost is 40 kroons. Tickets for transport can be bought in kiosks, stores, automata at stops (see the current Crane Code for Euro and Rule).

Pilsen, Czech Republic Holidays, reviews, hotels Plzen Tour Profit Guide

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