Pilsen – Capital of Brewers

Plsen &# 8211; one of those cities whose products are better known than the settlement itself. Ordering Pylzner (it is also often called Lamp), many do not even realize that this name is obliged to their appearance of the city’s second largest Czech Republic (Brno and Ostrava more than Plsen, But they are considered cities Moravia).
Although the brewery still remains The main thing Landmark Cities, this is not the only thing that you should see there. It is worth paying several hours and some others Interesting places.
Plsen It has a population near 170 thousand residents and more than millennial History. It is located less than in 100 km from Prague and is associated with it direct highway. Here is not only Famous brewery, But the company Koda Transportation, division of the Czech concern producing locomotives, Passenger cars and trams. It is also an important scientific and cultural center in this part of the country.

Plsen &# 8211; small and compact city, so you can easily visit all it Attraction on foot. Just just a few hours to inspect its most important historical points.

1. City center

Start visiting B Beer capital of the Czech Republic Best of all S Market Square, called Square of the Republic. In her center is Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. His tower height more 100 meters, is an The highest v Czech Republic. Cathedral is the legacy of the time when Plsen was one of the main centers Catholicism in this district. V Fifteenth century, during Gusitsky Wars, It was located here headquarters, loyal papacy and emperor, although the importance of religion in Pilse, As in the whole country, over time, significantly decreased.

Town Hall, Built on a market square in the middle 16th century, It stands out among the apartment buildings dating the beginning Renaissance.
In the corners of the square are the modern gilded fountains, whose shape resembles symbol of the city. Apartment buildings on Square of the Republic nicely decorated. One of the most unusual facades – it pharmacy in Neo-Renaissance style "The White Unicorn" mid 19th century.
Just one block from the Market Square begins underground tourist route. Under the city stretched around 20 km of tunnels. This is one of the largest underground systems in Central Europe. For tourists get around 750 m. The underground passages are organized Exhibitions, dedicated to the history of the city. Underground passages sometimes they have a depth in two or even three floors.
Old city Surrounded on three sides city ​​park, called Smetana’s gardens. It is a popular holiday destination, it is similar to Planty Park in Kraków, but inferior to him in size.
Among the greenery can be seen statues and Speybla Gurvinka. This landmark figures of Czech culture, known as the first heroes of the puppet theater, And then I cartoon. Exactly at Plzen in 1920 took debut Gurvinka, voiced Joseph Miser.
West Bohemian Museum Located near S Smetana’s gardens. In the first place it is dedicated Frantisek Krizik, Czech inventor 19th and 20th centuries. He was one of the founders of arc lamps, and Plzen improved and greatly expanded tram network. Thanks to Krizik appeared modern street lights.
On the western side of the Market Square is located a thirty-fifth Blvd (named after soldiers of the 35th Infantry Regiment). On this street is the most famous Plzen monument &# 8211; Big Synagogue. built in late 19th century, synagogue is the second largest in Europe (After Budapest) and third &# 8211; in the world.

2. brewery

Pilsen - Capital of Brewers

However, the world-famous Plsen did not monuments, and beer. Brewery «Pilzno Pragrdo» is a few hundred meters to the north of Market Square. The road to it is well marked, as the birthplace of Pilsner It draws huge crowds.
The history of brewing in the Czech Republic and Plzen &# 8211; broad topic. Although beer was cooked on these lands with thirteenth century, The most important for this craft has become 1829 year. Before him everyone who received permission to produce could use Your own cooking recipe beer. This led to what he was prepared Almost every apartment building, and most of this drink was just unsuitable for drinking. but, Leading brewers of the city decided that it’s time to change it.

City authorities combined small brewery and created plants, who still exist. Was invited Bavarian Brewer Josef Gloll, who worked on a new recipe 3 years. He created Brand new beer grade based Snow fermentation. Over time, this cooking method was Accepted by many brewery around the world.
Today Plants in Plzese owned South African concern and except Pilsen, Also produce many Other varieties of beer. This is a very modern and efficient institution, but visitors can still see Old brewery And try Special unpasteurized beer, Sold only in his basement.
Byputing Plsen beer, can move on south (without a car, Certainly; v Czech Republic Permissible Limit of Driver Alcohol 0.0) &# 8211; to the side Cesky-Krumlova. This is a paradise for lovers Hiking walks on Hilly forests, rowing on canoeing and pontoon alloys, as well as picturesque buildings.

3. Several details for travel planning

One Crown is approximately three and a half rubles. When converting prices is the easiest way Multiply to four. In many cases, you can produce payment in Euro. Exchanges in the Czech Republic, especially in tourist places, Offer Unprofitable courses – It’s easier to buy local currency before leaving. Because of High commissions, pay card in the Czech Republic Relatively rare.
Not worth it Too carefully meet with Czech Language. Enough to know 10-15 basic words, which are necessary for Clarification of the road and calculation when shopping. You can try to communicate on English language, in tourist zones Most of the sellers and residents It is clearly expressing. also in Pilse You can freely talk to the local on German.
Plsen much cheaper Prague, Although more expensive than Czech province. The average cost of lunch is located in the area 600 rubles, and beer usually costs 100 rubles per bottle.
V Three-star hotel In the city center you can easily find Double Room less than 4 thousand. rubles. V four-star and business hotels price does not exceed 7 thousand. rubles per night.
The entrance to the subway is worth 280 rubles (and optional 200 rubles for photo-permission). Excursion Brewery is worth 500 rubles (included in the price Tasting beer). Login by Most exhibitions v Western Museum costs 160 rubles, on Puppet exhibition &# 8211; 240. In most places for a small fee (up to 120 rubles) you can get it English-speaking guide.
Before Pilse Easy to get By train (1.5 hours, 400 rubles), By bus (1 hour, also 400) or car from Prague, where is The nearest airport is. Best move around the city walk or on the tram.

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