Pilnitz Castle

To understand what residences Saxon kings live, monarchs and so on to know, be sure to visit the castle of pilnits, located the blizzards of Dresden. Garden of 30 hectares and the park will complement your impressions.

The castle standing on the banks of the Elbe River, perfectly preserved from the beginning of the 18th century. Once in the residence lived a strong. The present building of the museum consists of three palaces: mountain, water and connecting their third palace, built only in the 19th century. «Lustgarten», This is the name of a picturesque park that surrounds the Water Palace, keeps a lot of greenhouses, where plants from Austria, England and Africa grow. But, the pride of the park – Camellia, which has status «the largest and old» on the territory of all of Europe. Every year, from February to April, up to 40 thousand fragrant colors bloom. In the new palace, a tempting exposition is located, which will guide the history of the castle and will demonstrate the old utensils.

Pillet Castle Attractions Dresden Travel Guide

Currently, a handicraft museum operates in the Mountain Palace, where you can get acquainted with the old interior items, furniture, paintings, musical instruments, as well as with textiles. On the way you can look into the park of Bastai or feed the ducks on the river bank.

Pillet Castle Attractions Dresden Travel Guide

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