Pilgriman tourism Weekend: Vyshny Volochek and Torzhok

You need to drive only 60 km on the highway Moscow-St. Petersburg from Tver before the tricks to be in one of the oldest our monasteries-Novotorzhsky Borisoglebsky. But we first offer to transfer Torzhok and get to the next city on the highway M 10- Vyshchiy Volochka.

We will continue your way towards the northern capital and another 60 km. At the entrance to the historic center of the Vyshny Volchka, in the course of the movement there will be a turn right. A little more and before the monastery, who inscribed his own stranger in the history of our Orthodoxy.The fact is that the long-year-old shrine of the Kazan Women’s Monastery was Andronikov (Andronikovskaya) Icon of the Mother of God, according to legend written by the evangelist Luke during the life of the Virgin, or, most likely, one of its early lists.

According to the first preserved documentary certificate of the icon, in 1347, the Byzantine Emperor Andronik III Paleologist sacrificed it to the Mone Monevasy Monastery in the Sea, where she stayed before the beginning of the XIX century. By the name of the monastery, the icon was also called the Monemvasy. When the Turks attacked in 1821 to Greece and devastated many cities, including Monemevation, abbot of the monastery, Bishop Agapius, leaving all the treasures of the monastery in the hands of the enemies, saved only the miraculous Andronikovskaya icon and disappeared with her in the city of Patras.

The death of Agapius bequeathed this shrine to his relative, the our general consul. AND. Vassopulo, son and heir to whose heir, and. N. Vassopulo, sent it from Athens in 1839 with a letter to the highest name in Odessa to transmit her to St. Petersburg Emperor Nikolai Pavlovich. So icon got to Russia.

In the 20s of the last century, after the closure of the Kazan Monastery, the icon came to the Epiphany Cathedral of the Vyshny Volchka, from where it was abducted in 1984. After long misfortunes, this holy relic was in the patriarchals.

The main cathedral of the monastery is one of the most beautiful our temples – the Kazan Cathedral, built on the project of the architect A.WITH. Kaminsky.

In Vyshny Volochka, you can see a lot of unusual and interesting and man-made channels, dressed in granite, and the Epiphany Cathedral on the island.

Returning to Tver will be convenient for us, in the course of the movement, to call in Torzhok, where the Borisoglebsky male monastery is located, founded in 1038 by the future reverend Efrem Novotorzhsky, an ethnic Hungary or, as they were called in Russia, Herin, is one of the oldest Orthodox abode in Russia. The first stone Borisoglebsky Cathedral stood about 700 years, but he was very injured in 1607. When taking trading by Poles. In 1785-1796. According to the project architect. A. Lviv in his place was built a new cathedral. But the foundations of one of the attacks of the ancient cathedral can be seen today. The first stone in the construction of the current cathedral was laid by Ekaterina II in 1785. This year, Empress made his famous journey through the first artificial water system of Russia – Vyshnevolotsk.

It is assumed that the monastic posture by adopting the Novotorzhsky Borisoglebsky monastery and from some time until 1647 there was a rector of the future seventh Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia IOASAF II. In Ioasafe II, it was decided to establish the Episcopian Department in Rzhev

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Until recent days, IOASAF II did not break the connections with a small homeland. It is known that in 1669-1670, according to his decree, the Church of the introduction into the temple of Our Lady was built in Novotorzhsky Borisoglebsky Monastery. Now it is the most ancient building of the monastery. The architectural ensemble of the monastery also includes: the notice of the church and the entrance – the Jerusalem Church, now the most ancient monastic structure.

From the monastery, the wonderful view of the River River and Torzhok.

At the moment, the monastery is used by the Orthodox Church and the All-our historical and ethnographic museum.

For pilgrims who want to visit the insidency, a comfortable monastery hotel has a separate 2nd and 4-bed rooms.

This is such an amazing pilgrimage train can make anyone who wishes to one of his weekends.

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