Pilgrimage in India

Every day, thousands of most urgent cases and millions of all sorts of universal, hassle surround us. Getting used to the mad rhythm of life almost impossible to stop for a second. To stay at least one a moment to try to think: and for what, actually all this fuss? What is life and what is the most valuable? What does it mean to live soul?

What does it mean to bring through the whole life love in the heart? What means God in us and we are in it? And only those know the meaning of answers to these eternal questions, who will be ready to submit the truth that. Those who are unable to renounce the meaning of stale, but such a familiar and beloved life, can not realize the true meaning of human existence. Practically In all religions On Earth there is an unshakable idea that the only purpose of human life is his constant spiritual improvement. And this is true, at least because the opposite desire itself is absolutely meaningless and destructive to human consciousness.

People who have decided to make a pilgrimage, driven by the only desire &# 8211; sense holy grace and get closer to real, true life through Contribution with shrine.

That’s it because, the pilgrimage is not just a journey. It is a spiritual path to the highest truth, the path to his soul, the path to God. Finding truth does not tolerate entertainment. It is, first of all, the path of full of unrest and anxiety, the path, which, who, man is trying to comprehend not only the meaning of his existing, but also to understand what is his destination, for which he is and is it in him the spark of God. This is the path through Turni, to the end passing, which, we can say that I am trying to sinful burden, man knew the truth God’s blessing.

For the uninitiated person, the place of pilgrimage can be completely inconspicuous and nothing to be different from any other places. That is why it is very important to be able to see the outer shell, hidden sacral meaning. Making a pilgrimage with a sense of humility and faith, people express their respect to the holy place, people and events that are associated with a certain place of pilgrimage.

Traditions of indian pilgrimages

India is a big country that was able to combine the greatest many cultures, religious groups and traditions. Country, according to a commander of scientists &# 8211; historians having the most ancient tradition of the pilgrimage on the planet. The tradition of pilgrimage in India itself has so deepest roots, and the number of sacred places and the pilgrims themselves is so great that without much dedication, you can safely call India &# 8211; Great Peninsula Pilgrimage On the Earth. For the first time, sacred places for pilgrimage are mentioned in the texts of Atharva Vedas and Rig Vedas.

Historians argue that in India, the pilgrimage has become a massive character and has become particularly popular among the population of the country in Vedic period of history.

Pilgrimage in India

The greatest Epos of Mhabharata, in his sacred texts Mention more than three places for pilgrimage, Moreover, it is especially interesting, these places of worship covers almost the entire peninsula. Naturally, by the time of writing the Puran, the number of holies has increased. At that historical period, the pilgrimage is considered as the most important and integral part of religious practice.

In India, sacred pilgrimage sites are called Tirthami, and the process of committing pilgrimage religious people &# 8211; Tirtha-Yatra. Interestingly, the meaning of the word Tirtha has many values, among which: directly the place of pilgrimage, the transition of the river river or steps to the river.

Historians believe that such ambiguity has a historical background: in ancient Vedic times, the word Tirtha was directly related to sacred places that were somehow associated with water elements.

However, by the period of the appearance of Mhabharata, the word Tirtha is already indicating any place of worship, even not related to water. Traditions of behavior in places of pilgrimage is also interesting. Tirty bypass always on the left &# 8211; right, in the direction of the clockwise movement, in a circle &# 8220; Pradakshina&# 8221;. Tirtha &# 8211; More than pilgrimage, More than a geographical location on the map. For Indians Tirtha &# 8211; This is a sacred place, Where the immediate connection of heaven with Earth is carried out, the place in which the infinite cycle of deaths, births, rebirth and resettlement of the souls reaches the shores of his liberation in the sacred waters.

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