Pilgrim tours

Greek history of tourism is counting from the XV century, from the first pilgrimage of Christians.

Orthodoxy came to Russia through Greece, and there exists, of course, a huge need to examine the current Greek temples, pray in them, take a look, as the frescoes of ancient masters are preserved. It should be emphasized that in the pilgrimage in the holy places, all travelers are equal to each other and before God. They all went to worship the shrines.

In the Christian tradition, the main pilgrimage routes on the land of Greece were determined: on the holy Mount Athos, on the island of Patmos, on "Heavenly" Monasteries Meteora. Nowadays, people use new means of movement – airplanes, but the meaning of pilgrimage is still the same – this is the attraction of the soul to holy places where it is distracted from the worldly bustle, in contact with eternity, where a person can strengthen in faith and resolve important questions for himself.

Holy Mount Athos (for men) is a priceless treasure – a monument of the history of Christianity, the history of the Byzantine culture. In the cathedrals of the monastery, the miraculous icons, the relics of the Holy Apostles and the Great Martyrs, many other great shrines are. Departure to the Holy Mountain Athos is carried out as a set of Orthodox pilgrimage men’s group in the amount of 510 people.

Virgin Mary mastered the grace of this place. By lot, she fell to swim for a sermon in Ieria. Suddenly, the cracker nailed the ship to the diverse beautiful coast. Only touched the Mother of the Mother of the Afonov land, like all the idols put on the peninsula of the fans of Artemis and Apollo, immediately collapsed. Officially about the monks of Athos is mentioned in the 9th century, but also it is also known that even before the baptism of Russia, from the VII century, there is a our Skit – old Russik. In the cathedrals of monasteries, the miraculous icons, precious crosses, part of the life-giving of the Cross of the Lord in precious ribs, the power of the Holy Apostles and the Great Martyrs, the Cross and the Rod of St. Athanasius. In the main monastery, Watoped is the only and invaluable shrine of the whole Christian world – the Belt of the Virgin, as well as the gifts of Magi, brought by the Bethlehem Baby. The second largest 15-ton bell is also here in the our monastery of St. Panteleimona.

Pilgrim tours

Visiting the holy mountain, it should be remembered that you cross the border of another world. Apone description as "Possessions and garden of the Holy Virgin" reflects the feelings of most people who are lucky to be born with men and get, so the privilege to see this holy place. The pilgrim can be asked the question, why did he come here. Resolution will be denied if the answer follows: "See the relics to admire the nature". The correct answer is definitely the following: "I arrived at the pilgrimage to raise as a Christian and pray the Lord".

Patmos Island – one of the greatest shrines of the Orthodox world. Here was the link to the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John theologian, here he wrote his apocalypse, the most mysterious and mysterious book of the New Testament. Orthodox Christians call the island Patmos "Aegean Jerusalem", and pilgrims here are no less than in Palestine.

"Heavenly" Meteora Monasteries – a unique and mysterious monument of the Byzantine era. Among the valleys covered with gardens and groves, 24 black sheer cliffs of up to 300 m will fall, on which the buildings of monasteries were erected in the Middle Ages.

Pilgrim tours

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