Pilatusban – the coolest railway in the world

The entire route the modern train takes place in just half an hour, making a couple of stops on the way. The most dangerous section of the Pilatusban railway is at the very end, when the train enters the dark tunnel, and tourists convulsely pressed into the chair from fear.

Pilatus is a major snowy mountain range in the Swiss Alps. To get to the highest point of the mountain, you can three available ways: on a steep railway (from Alpnachstad), on a cable car (from Kriens) or the most extreme way – on foot.

The main thing is when the rise in such height is to guess the weather. If you are lucky, then chic species and exciting landscapes are provided to you.

Pilatusban Railway is considered one of the oldest on the territory of Switzerland. Her solemn discovery took place in 1889, and in 1937 it was already electrified.

Pilatusban - the coolest railway in the world

Construction of the railway commissioned Engineer Eduard Lochle. So that the train is comfortable and safely overcome steep areas, he suggested a design project with two horizontally moving gear wheels. Then he was considered a madman, and today the LOCHER system is one of the most common designs of geared engagement on the railways of Switzerland and is actively used throughout Europe.

Currently, there are more than 150 toothed railways in the world, but the Pilatus railway route is considered one of the most exciting.

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