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Saw – Modern Italian resort town located on a mountainside.

Saw can offer tourists highways and free skating areas for every taste. The resort is famous for its excellent infrastructure, an attractive system of lifts and friendly locals. The resort is sometimes called «Window to the highest peaks of Europe». Note that the peer’s resort has the greatest popularity among tourists from the United Kingdom.

The resort is built as a single pedestrian zone. Ski slopes Saws pass through the city itself. The town surrounds the magnificent trees and shining in the sun meadows. Tamz from here you can admire a wonderful view of the famous Mont Blanc Mountain.

The architecture of the spa resort is quite peculiar, more reminiscent resorts of France. So, chalets are adjacent here in high multi-storey buildings, also in the saws there are vintage buildings.

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What is interesting to see in a saw?

Top sights Pila

Saw: Excursions and Events

Not far from the saw is the city of Aosta, which has many attractions. In addition, you can arrange a good shopping in Aost.

The resort of Pila itself offers tourists visiting 22 restaurants, casino, bowling. Also in the saw open 4 nightclub, where you can spend fun.

Note that the 1931 December in the AOSTA annually passes the carnival «Fiera di Sant’Orso», collecting a large number of tourists from around the world.

History Pila

Climate in Pila

The resort of Pila enters the alpine zone. The climate here changes from a pleasant moderate near the foot of the mountains to a sharp cold on the mountain peaks.

Pila, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Pilas Tour Profit Guide

We see the weather in Pile for months, passing by the allotted link to the appropriate section.

Saw: Entertainment and Activities

Height difference in saw – 1’800-2’612 meters. The resort of the saw has highways of various levels of complexity. Total length of the swords – 70 km. The overwhelming majority of the tracks of the resort of medium complexity (73%) are suitable for tourists of any level of preparation. Saws running on wooded slopes. Also, the resort is ideal for snowboarding lovers. The resort has 12 lifts, namely: 1 telecise, 9 chair lifts, 1 funicular, 1 Bougiel lift.

Trails for professionals – Tra-cruise, refrain, Kiusa-1; For tourists of the average training level – Grimmadda, Chamole, La Barma, Pre-Noir. For beginners, the tracks of the Shatel and Grimoda will fit. Directions for Freiride lovers – Descent from the left of the chamole lift and the direction from the road du Bour, as well as a section of the road from the Grimmaddel lift.

In addition to skis, you can do a paragliding, ice skating, to visit the sports center or play bowling.

Skating season in the resort Saw continues from December to April.

Transport features Pila

The resort of the saw is connected by the funicular with the city of Aosta, which tourists can go on a tour and shopping. Also in the resort saw it convenient to move skiing and make hiking. Commodified in the resort and this type of transport like snowboard.

Pila, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Pilas Tour Profit Guide

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