PIWNICZNA-ZDRój) – Therapeutic and wellness and ski resort in Poland, enters Malopolskaya Voivodeship. Population 5744 people (2004).

The resort is located in the region of Mountain Beskid Sondetsky at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, in the Poprad River Valley, separating mountain ranges: Mountain Radzieva (1236 m) in the West and Crown of Krynitsky (1114 m) on the east side. The terrain and large forest areas create an alpine climate feature, for which large temperature fluctuations on the slopes and in valleys are characterized, excellent lighting of the slopes, which is especially visible in winter, the openness of the valleys for accessing warm air from the south, protection against cold winds with Western and Northern Parties.

Therapeutic wellness resort: Basic Treatment Profiles – KaddologiCeckexes, uses CocyDo, endoxtoCeckie, uses, and customary, food, food, tychny. Natural Healing Resources – 4 ICTOs BikaBoNe-kelide. ITOCKLYCHOGOGO GAZA, IPLESSEMENT FOR CYXIX YGLEKLIX VANN. In the resort produce natural mineral water «Pivnichanka».

Ski resort: In winter, here you can find excellent conditions for skiing in popular ski centers in Dry Valley and Wiezhomilia Malaya. Trails having a different degree of complexity are available for both beginners and experienced skiers. Dry valley surround several vertices, providing excellent protection against winds, and this in turn creates good climatic conditions for skiing.

In the dry valley, the services of 9 lifts on the tracks of varying degrees of complexity:

– Express, plate, highway highway, 680 m
– Lyakh, plate, lightway, 289 m
– Small, plate, light track, 370 m, lit
– New, complex track, 880 m
– Popular, high complexity track, 395 m
– Old, complex track, 900 m, lit
– Slimak, plate, very easy track for beginners, 93 m
– Tadusek, plate, lightway, 490 m
– Zuz, plate, very easy track for beginners, 14 m.


In addition to those listed, in the nearby area of ​​Kosenitsa there are two more routes with lifts:

Karina, plate, highway highway, 272 m, lit.
Warta, plate, very light highway, 223 meters, illuminated.

Another ski center in the vicinity is approximately 5 kilometers to the east of the Prank Ski Station. Here built cable car and 5 tatras type lifts. A total of about 5 kilometers of lungs and the average complexity of the tracks, with a system of artificial malfunction and lighting. Free Parking, Ski School, Service and Rental.


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