Pies: The History of Appearance in Russia

In all kitchens in the world, delicious and fragrant pastries occupies a special place. The appetizing smell from freshly prepared pies is difficult to describe in words. Variety in choosing a filling and simply an unrealistic large number of chic recipes makes this kind of such a popular among people of all ages and nations.

Unfortunately, not everyone does not always have the opportunity to allocate enough time to prepare this delicious dishes. In this case, go to the gastronomic journey through the cities of ancient Russia. To choose what your personal taste will be perfectly satisfier, find out more about this appetizing and satisfying dish.

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our Pie

The exact date of the appearance of the first pies in Russia historians, unfortunately, is unknown. But it is absolutely reliably that in ancient Russia on all holidays an important guest on the table has always been a big and fragrant pie. No feast could do without this home comfort symbol and heat.

Initially, pies baked from wheat flour. It was expensive, so they rarely put on the table and only on large holidays: for a wedding, name day and other significant events.

After some time, the hostess began to use rye flour, which made the dishes not so expensive and, therefore, publicly available. Often the cake was served instead of a chowder or soup for lunch for the whole family. Diversity of the filling gave the freedom to any desires and fantasies of the owners and their households.

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Original our pies

  1. One of the unusual types of Kushan was a bunk cake – a very original dish. The peculiarity of the cake was that the filling was a chowder that ate spoon like soup.
  2. Eyesmanic – Prefabricated Pie from what remains of lunch or dinner. Very, by the way, economically and practical!
  3. Kalinist – Pie, the filling of which was not inside, as it usually happens, and it was part of the test. For the preparation of Kalinnik, the berry was dried and grinding into powder. Then he brewed this powder with boiling water and kneaded the dough. Next, they made small pellets from the test and baked.

You can talk about pies as much as you like long, because the love of this dish came to modern people from the distant past and firmly settled in genetic memory. But much better not to talk about them, but just go to the gastronomic journey and get indescribable taste enjoyment!

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