«Sea, Blue Fire» — Yesenin, «Focusing nebula» — In Zabolotsky, «Sand, autumn, wolf steppe, hunting, jump» — in Kipling… What comparisons did not leave us poets, writers and philosophers about «Mirror soul». In paintings and photographs, our attention is faced first of all eyes. Already later — Costumes, hairstyle surrounding. We collected the most interesting photo portraits for you, where the look says everything.


And at the same time share curious facts. So, do you know that the cornea of ​​a person’s eye looks like a shark cornea? And, by the way, it is the last to use as a bios substitute in front of the operations. And the gorillas are white proteins like us. This is a very rare phenomenon that has noticed a few years ago Juan-Carlos Gomez from the University in United Kingdom. Before that time, scientists were confident that the white scler can only be in humans. A few more facts about animal eyes: Bees in the eyes have hairs that help to determine the direction of wind and the flight speed, and dogs — The only animals who are looking for visual tips in the eyes of others. In our virtual era strikes fact — The bandwidth of the channel transmission of information from the eyes into the brain is comparable to the channels of online providers of a major city.


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