Pier among the ruins is Budapest

Like this: if a certain part of the whole is not similar to all other components? People call the templates gap. This is when you expect something familiar, traditional, the same as always, and it is Batz! Divergent with ordinary ideas.

I will not torment you mysteries, I will tell you about a certain quarter, which is not at all similar to the usual pompous and majestic Budapest. This is the Jewish region of Erzhebetvarosh – Erzsébetváros.

This is one of the most popular places in the city, but also at the same time – one of the most launched. Usually about such a coolness say – the master’s hand is missing. However, in Erdzhebet, I will tell you, even the most poor corner has its own manager.

It all started with the fact that a few years ago the city’s authorities came to the conclusion that the old quarter, named after Queen Elizabeth, came to complete unsuitability. From the old age everything around turns into ruins. But the trouble is to restore, then nothing.

The central historical part of the city is declining!

Overall Eriezhebetva – Pretty respectable area. But it is only from the facade. If you look into the alley, the picture opens the opposite. Fishness and destruction.

But there were people who were not all the same. No, these were not at all rich investors and no one did no overhaul. These were young entrepreneurs who came to mind the idea that the rhylad can be consolidated to. Even among the ruins, you can live, relax and entertain. If approaching the case.

And so they mastered some dilapidated building. There was not enough glass, the stucco fell, and other signs of abandonment were observed. But despite the "entourage", in this place it was soon opened … the first ruined pub in the city.

Its new brainchild "Symplary" businessmen greatly "unfolded":

– With rusty cast-iron baths made … sofa.

– Instead of tables, use the hood of old cars to this day.

Pier among the ruins is Budapest

– The rest of the furniture found in landfills.

– Walls painted graffiti.

But you know, it turned out very cozy and extraordinary.

In general, people intrigued the idea – how can this be resting in a dilapidated emergency building. This is unsafe! But the risk always attracts.

In general, soon in the area of ​​Erzhebetvara, a whole quarter of conceptual institutions on the ruins appeared: shabby, but comfortable, dilapidated, but such properties.

No pathos, no pompous, it turns out in the "pigsty" to skip a glass much more interesting than among glamorous interiors.

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