Piedmont – often called «Desert without tourists» absolutely not inferior on the beauty of his landscapes «promoted collections». Moreover, Italy’s best and modern ski resorts are located in this region, often compared to the Alps of France. The first such resorts appeared here at the beginning of the 19th century. Today, the total length of snow-covered trails is almost 1,500 kilometers.

The connoisseurs of Italian cuisine will appreciate who have already become branded for the field of chocolate, truffles and excellent varieties of wines, which once glorified Piedmont, if not on the whole world, then for the whole country. By the way, with a dozen years ago, Olympic Games were held in the capital of the region. The Piedmont region is one of the largest areas of the country, the total area of ​​the territory occupies almost 30 square kilometers.

Despite the rich history and natural beauty of the edge, travelers discovered the region relatively recently. Rest in this part of Italy is comfortable year-round. The territory of Piedmont is covered with natural and national parks that are carefully protected by the state. In the central part of the region, among the green hills and mountains, river flows.

The best cities and resorts of Piedmont

Piedmont became famous at the expense of ski resorts. Let’s talk about the most famous, for example, beautiful ski slopes and a developed infrastructure waiting for tourists in the Val di-Souza area, which includes several resort cities at once.

The capital of the region is considered to be sister. And the city became famous from the Winter Olympic Games in it. At night, the tracks are illuminated, and riding is allowed to 10 pm. Those who are watching the state of their budget, we recommend going to Lemon-Piedmont.

Still fashionably go to the so-called gates to the tunnel connecting France and Italy. This place is located on the territory of the Ski Resort Bardonecia. Not enough in the region and places where you can fix your health. The region is rich in the spa resorts.

It is worth at least once to visit the Baths of Acqui, which are renowned for mud and water. The pride of the resort is a unique complex, built in the second half of the 19th century. Hence beat hot springs.

There are a number of cities in the region, which will certainly become interesting for tourists. First of all, we are talking about the album, which is often referred to «the gateway to the winery». The city was founded in the temporary dominion of the Roman Empire.

Until now, the area of ​​Alba decorated with ancient ruins of the old buildings. However, the town’s main asset – the production of wine. Another wine-making center – Asti.

What is interesting to see in Piedmont?

The climate in Piedmont

You can not call the region’s climate is very favorable. As part of Piedmont, where extend Alps can be quite cool. But on flat terrain is dominated by a continental climate with long, dry winters, hot summers pretty. The rainy season occurs during the spring and winter months.

Most felt the mild climate in the vicinity of large bodies of water. It is not uncommon to heavy fog. The climate can not be called typical for Italy, because in this part of the country often rains, and sometimes even hail. It is best to go to the region in the autumn months, when there is a consistently warm and dry weather.

Videos from Piedmont

Tours and activities in Piedmont

The excursion program in the region is going to be busy. Perhaps not even have to use the services of a guide, because the sights, both historical and natural character will fall on your eyes besperestanno. There are in the region and ancient chapel, built to the abbeys.

Rich region and medieval castles, heavy, high, pointed towers. Grow in the region scenic vineyards raznosortnyh. By the way, if you want to get to the harvest, it is necessary to go to Italy in the fall.

The Alba is worth visiting for the wineries and the wine, which in this city has a special taste. Among other things, the city preserved historical objects of times of the Roman Empire. Be sure to take a walk through the narrow streets of the provincial capital – Aleksandria.

Another wine center – Asti, which in medieval times was known as a cultural and economic center of the region.

Excursion program can diversify visit festivals and celebrations that the locals organize round. One of the bright events – «Knight Tournament», which is held in the region if you believe in writing sources from the middle of the 13th century.

History Piedmonta

Piedmont, Italy - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Piedmonta Travel Guide

Where better to stop, traveling by Piedmont?

Activities in Piedmont

Lovers of the active view will be delighted with excellent ski resorts. After all, in 2006, the Olympic Games were held in the capital of the region, in honor of which many sports facilities were built. New sports zones, hotels, shopping centers appeared in the city of Turin. Runs in resorts have different complexity. Lifts ready to roll up to 8,000 people daily.

There is even a special zone «Milky Way», which is allowed to ride even at night. There are other types of active entertainment. For example, it is worth a ride on a sleigh in a horse carriage, take a ski jumping, mountain climbing, or even take a ride on a hot air balloon. If you are not extreme, we recommend to explore one of the developed routes that will guide the tourist has the most beautiful places in the area.

Trails are ready to take skiing lovers from December to March. But in the summer months in Piedmont rushing quite difficult. Equestrian walks lovers will be able to ride a horse in highlands. Among other things, because in the region a large number of old castles, you can arrange a walking tour of the main one.

Transport features Piedmonta

As it is known, Italy is famous for its excellently developed transport infrastructure, so there should be no problems with movement in tourists. Cities and regions of the country are connected by a system of roads and tunnels that allows you to easily move both in Piedmont and other regions of the country.

Through Turin lie the important highways of Italy, and here has its own international airport. There is also a subway in the cities of the region. In Turin, for example, this type of transport is fully automated, from the staff does not even have a driver.

Piedmont: how to get?

The most convenient way to get a large Italian region by air, by plane. In Turin, the city built a large airport that receives international flights. If you have decided to look to Italy by way of the other countries in Europe, you know that many of them linked to Italy railways.

By region the most convenient to travel by car, which can be rented at the airport or at the bus stations. In general, from one city to another in the region, bus service, whose movement is determined schedule.

Piedmont, Italy - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Piedmonta Travel Guide

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