Picturesque theater

No seemingly noticeable Spanish Town Figueras in the north of Spain, 30 kilometers from the French border, annually attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world. And all because it is here that the theater Dali.

Why theater? Everything is simple: In 1904, when in Figueres, on the street Monturio, Salvador Hasinto Felipe was born, Dali Dasych Kush Farres (in the people – Salvador Dali), the opera house was located in this building. In 1918, the first personal exhibition of a young painter took place here.

The theater, strongly destroyed by the bombing of 1939, was given rebuilt in accordance with his own taste and fantasy. The first visitors saw the finished monument of surrealistic architecture on September 28, 1974. He does not stop striking until now: this year, tourists in it had a record lot – 6.595.

Museum-theater – an impressive building with contrasting in the spirit gave the walls, crowned with frequenza of famous gold-plated eggs and naked female figures. At the entrance fluttering the black and white flag of Dalilland – the countries of Dali. Collection of works of the artist there – the richest in the world. During life, Dali Gallery hit the abundance and variety of paintings, engraving, sculptures. Then the works that he bequeathed his native Catalonia were added.

I do not assume that they hang the best creations gave. All my life, he sought more to sell more, hoping that she would still work for himself. But everything in this life is sooner or later, an end comes, and inspiration in the end left the artist. Many of his best canvases were in other museums and private collections.

Picturesque theater

However, there still have something to see: "Atomic Leda", "Tristan and Isolde", "Portrait of Picasso". And, of course, portraits of Gang – Gang Dali, the our beauty, which the artist led in his time at the Elolar field and who served the whole life was given by the main source of inspiration. After the death of Gang, he lived in the theater, in the Tower of Galatia.

And yet, the main bait for visitors is not so many paintings, how many attractions for which the master was given. Unthinkable surreal ears or twisted legs. Window where you can look and see "Living" Maestro in car. And a face room for which everyone is ready to defend a mad line. You climb the steps and look into the dimming glass. In it – room: nose – fireplace, lips – sofa, eyes – windows, hair – curtains.

On other floors of the museum – portraits of artists close to El Salvador Dali. But everything as if confirms the idea of ​​the Master itself that for the true Creator, the main thing – not to follow the traditional way. Not to repeat other.

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