Picturesque Costa Rica

Costa Rica is Huge tropical ecosystem with a multimillion history of the development of flora and fauna. It is fruitful and inhabit the many unknown birds in Europe and insects. It is difficult to believe, but in such a small country scientists have more than 100 volcanoes, and their main feature is that they are covered with all sorts of vegetation.

The name of Costa Rica itself earned in a funny situation. When Christopher Columbus only stepped on the land of Costa Rica, he saw that the local population walks in gold jewelry, he thought that the Earth had large gold deposits. Later it turned out that gold is not here, but the Spanish colonists decided to get banana and coffee plants here. This scam succeeded, later Costa Rica met its name "Rich Island".

Tourists look here for clean sand on the beach, many attend the tropical jungle, many places for water entertainment and extreme sports, and once there are many volcanoes in this country, then there are excursions here too.

Geographical position

In terms of landscape Highlands prevailing, The country itself is located in the central part of Central America. In the north of Costa Rica, it borders with Nicaragua, and with Panama in the southern part of the country. In the West and in the east, the country is surrounded by two oceans.


List of running facilities for tourists.

  1. Volcanoes: Irase, Paras. Volcano wasnel throws hot lava and rocks, this is the most popular volcano in tourists.
  2. Islands: Canyo, Negritos. People do not live on them, these islands under the protection of the state, you can see the amazing nature that is not touched by a person.
  3. Picturesque Costa Rica
  4. Mountain caves. They are full of stalagmites and stalactites.


In traditional kitchen present Mixture of both Spanish products and indigenous products. The familiar diet makes rice, meat, vegetable, legume dishes. In coastal cities and resorts there are a lot of dishes from fish and other inhabitants of the oceans.


As in any tourist country, in Costa Rica many places to stay. Hotels with better service conditions, as well as small houses on the beaches. The most expensive hotels are in Capital San Jose. Such hotels are from 240 dollars per day. There are hostels with a price of $ 13. In hotels are companies offering excursions to volcanoes or caves, and on beaches you can meet those who offer a tour of the islands.

Souvenirs and shopping

In Costa Rica Little stores of large foreign brands. There are more products and handmade products. Souvenirs are not very expensive. Sell Unique postage stamps with exotic animals living here. In Costa Rica is the best coffee, and therefore it is he who came from food souvenirs. If you take the souvenirs of animal origin, such as fur jaguars and panther, then you will not be able to take them with you, it is strictly prohibited.


There are about 10 airports in the country. Directly Airplanes from Russia in Costa Rica do not fly, It is necessary to transplage in the United States or in European countries. There are no railway tracks in the country, for movement use buses and ships. There is a developed road connection with neighboring countries, with Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala. There are also airplanes that fly from the city to the city, despite the small sizes of the state.

Picturesque Costa Rica

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