Picturesque area Penglay

The picturesque area of ​​Penglai is known in China as "Paradise corner of land". On the one hand, it is surrounded by mountains, on the other – by the sea. There is no cold winter, no hot summer, but marine mirasi, which sometimes you can watch here, glorified it far beyond the country. In the Chinese people there are popular historical legends on how the Emperor Hanudy Dynasty Han sent people to search for elixir life; how "Eight celestials" (Taoist saints) crossed the sea; All this gives Penghage some mystery.

In Penla, there is a famous architectural ensemble Penghage for the whole world, which stands on the top of the Danäshan mountain near the sea. This majestic and very beautiful architectural complex was built during the reign of the Tang dynasty. Penghage is divided into six parts: Luzzi Temple, Sancin temple, as well as temples Penglay, Tianhou, Lunan and Mitau.

Early in the morning milk fog envelops everything around. Landscape is very painted. Right in front of Penghage, washed by the sea, scattered, like emeralds, groups of green islands. This is Chandao, who is called "paradise". Chandao consists of 32 large and small islands, each of whom gradually appears to your eyes, as if the scroll in the volume of. That neither island is a fairy tale. There are a lot of amazing reefs of bizarre. They are called "Stone Forest on the Sea".

Picturesque area Penglay

Chandao is replete with different types of marine products. There are often a variety of tourist activities, such as Fair in Penglage, visiting fishing families. Tourists have the opportunity to learn about different sides of the life of local regions. You can also taste traditional dishes made from sea products.

In Chandao, the life of people is inextricably linked with the sea. In the evening, people walk along the shore, they are sick and crabs under the stones, take pictures, wanting to leave the memory of the beautiful Chandao. In a word, a trip to Penglage and Chandao – the best choice for travel.

Picturesque area Penglay

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