Pictures from the past

That the Lumiere brothers invented cinema does not know only the lazy. But they are also the authors of one of the ways of color photography. Invented by the younger brother Louis, the method of obtaining multicolor images brothers patented in 1903 under the name "Auto Lumiere", and the mass market was brought in 1907.

"Auto" was a glass plate covered with varnished and the smallest (0.01 mm) particles of potato starch painted in three main colors: blue, red and green. That is, on a plate of 13 x 18 cm accounted for up to 200 million such particles. The empties between the granules were filled with coal soot, then all this was again covered with varnish and black and white emulsion. In fact, the image was not color, stained it precisely the granules of starch, who performed in the role of light filters. In addition, in the process of shooting it was necessary to use a special yellow light filter. The sensitivity of such plates was lower than the usual, but bright sunlight and a diaphragm 4-5 allowed to remove with an excerpt of only 2 seconds. It was enough for portrait and landscape shooting, but little for reportage.

And although the plates were fragile, and the layer of granules was short-lived, "auto" turned out to be a commercially successful invention, remaining popular until 1935.

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Pictures from the past

"our Empire at the beginning of the XX century". When these photos were made, did not happen another first and second world wars, and the head of the our state was the emperor Nicholas II. It was on his order that Sergey Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky in 1909 and 1912 conducted a photographic examination of the our Empire.

"The first pictures of Kodak". A device worth $ 25 could not afford not all. Nevertheless, it was the first amateur camera, thanks to which we can now see the "world of 130 years ago".

"How to survive after shipwreck". Several lessons and anti-surge survival in the ocean, hoped from movies.

Pictures from the past

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