Piccadilly Square – one of the most visited places of the British capital

Picadilly Square, and also named Picadilly Circus, is a trading Mecca of the capital of Misty Albion.

There is a legend that the quarter received from the local tailor, who sewed unsurpassed collar. This thing got the name "Pickadil". Picadilly Circus includes a long street and famous Pantheon. Theaters, clubs, as well as high-grade mansions made Picadilly Circus of one of the most elite parts of the city. However, it is worth noting that the historical foundations of this place are difficult to call prestigious. Earlier in this place there was a selection market, on which animal feed was performed the main object of sale. Every year in May, a large-scale livestock sales fair took place.

Currently, Piccadilly – Street with a lively trade – stretched from Hyde Park to Picadilly Circus. At one time, the most western suburb of the capital of Great Britain became a nodal transportation junction and the most attractive place to make purchases. At the beginning of the XVII century, suburbs that were connected to large residences of the nobles, began to turn into rich residential areas, with time taking a common neoclassical image. At the Street Street, the capital architect John Nash created the area of ​​the Square rounded form. As a result, this area was equipped with modern trading facilities. This is how early covered galleries arose, which received the name "Pasz". However, at the moment on Picadilly Circus, completely decorated with neon signs, there are few features of the XIX century architecture.

Picadilly Street is famous for its prestigious shops and expensive hotels. There is also a stunning Church of St. Jacob, erected in the second half of the XVII century in the classical architectural style. In this religious building, the initial furniture remained. At the same time, this church is also famous for their own Concert Programs and Antique Fair, spent several times a week.

Near the church is a huge building of Burlington House, which was built even at the end XVII century. There are famous historical objects on its territory. The main building is located the Royal Academy of Arts, which was created in 1768. At the suggestion of the artist Joshua Reynolds. He played a huge role in the founding of one of the United Kingdom Art Schools. Inside the building there are large-scale art exhibitions like the epochs of the ancient world and the modern era. Some pavilions are the works of artists who were closely related to the work of the Academy. However, first of all, this building is famous for keeping the masterpiece Michelangelo on its territory, made of marble. This bas-relief is set for visitors permanently.

Not far from the building of the Royal Academy of Arts, the Burlington Arcade Trade Gallery, which is based on almost two centuries ago.

Piccadilly Square - one of the most visited places of the British capital

Over the territory of the gallery there is an intersection with Bond Street, famous for its own shops of elegant for men.

The house at number 181 is a store with a rich history called Fortnum & Mason. This object of the sophisticated gastronomy was created in the distant 1707. At that time, his creator William Fortnum was an ordinary excrement. He caught fire with the idea to resell the court lady candles, which were used in the residences of aristocrats, and began to actively implement it. Not having money to open your own business, he agreed to become a partner of the owner of the rental apartment Hugh Mason and created a store.

Each tourist coming to the British capital is unequivocally worth walking through Piccadilly Square and its surroundings.

Piccadilly Square - one of the most visited places of the British capital

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