Pica paste: Made by hand

Tuscany solar province with grape terraces, slender cypresses and multi-colored hills attract not only fabulous landscapes, but also culinary variety. A favorable climate of the region allows you to grow delicious vegetables, fruits and olives. Sheep graze on juicy green meadows, from milk which produce fragrant cheese of pecorino, and cow of Chianin breed. Florentine steaks are preparing from the meat of the latter.

Visiting the Rapuli family feel at home. In the kitchen, daughter-in-law hostess Villa Kachchchiamichi – Anna. For each cooked on the farm, a dish is its history, and the secret of cooking is inherited. Here is honored family traditions and know how to cook simple and delicious dishes. Today we will be taught by the secrecy of the traditional home paste of the region – Pici (PICI). Do it is necessary solely manually.

The name "Pici" happened from the verb of Appicciare, which means "to connect", "fasten". According to the legend, the pech came up with a farmer, who had only wheat flour, olive oil and salt in the storeroom. Similar homemade peasant pasta have their origins from Etruscan times – an ancient civilization that inhabited Italy to our era.

For a long time, pasta made manually. Consumed them only wealthy people. Smoking plates were served to the table with sweet pulls: maple syrup and honey. Macaron machines came up only in the XVIII century. And then the products have become widespread and accessible to the entire population.

PIC pastes made by hand

The well-established dough recipe consists of flour and water, but sometimes adding a little olive oil to give it elasticity. Some Tuscan hostesses are also put in the dough egg. With or without egg – all recipes are considered original and equally useful.

Secrets Piches: Music and Good Mood

Piches are easy to cook at home. Here the most important thing is not to get involved in not to add anything superfluous. Italians joke that it needs a pleasant music and a good mood for breeding. Then the dough easily gives up hands and get a beautiful dish.

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