Piazza Navona – the world’s famous area of ​​the Italian capital

Navon is not any representative of the Senate of the Epoch of the Roman Empire or even its head. Word "Navon" comes from an ancient Greek word "Agon", which means "stadium". The fact is that in the territory of modern square in the ancient Roman era, up to the 4th century, our era was located in a modern sense, Main city stadium And, which quite looks like, not only the eternal city, but also the whole empire.

On the territory of the above stadium there were competitions in sports disciplines, and at the intervals of the free time in rooms under the audience tribunes, visitors to the sports facility "found a common language" with concubines.

Currently on the sports area where the field for public demonstration of sports talents was located, the square is located in the capital Italy. It has an elongated form. At the location of the audience Tribune in the XXI century, quite famous Roman palaces are standing. Total 8.

One of them, Palazzo Bresque, Now is one of the most visited museums of the Eternal City, as he can demonstrate to his guests a lot of historical artifacts. On the territory of another museum – Palazzo Pamfili – There is a diplomatic mission of Brazil, and in the old days, the representative office of Pope of Roman.

Near Palazzo Breaks has a characteristic monument. He stands here for more than two thousand years and got a name "Talking Statue". Explanation of such a nickname is quite simple. During the appearance of this statue, it was forbidden to talk about everything in public form, so residents of Rome marked all the available claims and further attached to it. Historians report that there were 4 such statues in the city. At the very beginning of the XVI century, only one was found, since that time it is located on the square. The location of the three other historical monuments remains unknown.

Passing through the territory of the ancient Roman sports facility, in the present period of time, instead of visual sites, you can consider in detail and other famous Roman buildings – Church of Santa Maria del Sakro-Kora and Holy Agnes. In 1652., which was the year of completion of the construction of the latter, Rembrandt, carrying out his creative activity in Amsterdam, begins work on his creation "Old man in red".

Piazza Navona - the world's famous area of ​​the Italian capital

The basis of all buildings located in the modern time around the square, serve space for the audience an ancient stadium.

In the central part of the square, 3 magnificent fountains are located at once – Moore, four rivers and neptune. All of them are created in the XVI century. These historical monuments are decorated with stunning sculptures, however, they are already manufactured in a much later era – in the XVIII-XIX centuries.

Piazza Navona Since sincerroves the territory of Rome’s favorite residents for various festivals, so at this place sometimes there are such a large number of people that a calm walk through the square is not possible.

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