Piazza di Sphania (Square of Spain): a piece of Spain on the territory of the Italian state

Photos of a separate part of the famous area located on the territory of the Eternal City, diverge throughout the globe by millions of chairs.

Under the "separate part" is meant Famous long staircase, which was nicknamed the same as the rest of the area, Р"Spanish". She leads up to Tinita dei Monti church, The construction of which was conducted throughout almost the entire XVI century. The above staircase is one of the most beloved fashionable household houses of territories for photo sessions. Moreover, it is quite often organized by the events in which the best representatives of vocal art planet take part. Such stars of show business, like Linda Evangenistist, Ursula Anders and Angelina Jolie, at one time appeared on the steps of the stairs in luxurious outfits from Valentino, Bulgari and Dolce and Gabbana. In this place they sounded the fascinating voice of such ideals of the musical world, like Jos̩ Kareras and Luciano Povarotti.

If you reach the last, 135th steps, then you can see a well-known religious object, erected according to the desire of King Louis XIII. If you look back, it will open a stunning view of both the entire area and Rome. All world-class art connoisseurs seek to get into the eternal city, including in order to visit Square Spain, located in his center.

From the square, on the other side of the location of the Spanish staircase, leaves Street called "Condhotti", which is the core of the Fashion Quarter. On its territory there are shops of trendy houses of famous world brands. Also on Kondhotti Street there is a famous restaurant, which at one time visited Goethe, Byron and Standal. If you enter inside Tinita dei Monti church, then you can see one of the master’s samples of medieval art, namely Libery of the authorship of Daniel de Volterra called "Removing from the Cross".

Long ago, in those times, when there were no stairs in the miss, the inhabitants of the eternal city quickly rose to this hill, seeking to escape from the flood, the source of which periodically told Tiber. In memory of one of the similar natural elements that occurred at the very end of the XVI century, the Romans were installed on this area, almost near the staircase, in the 20s. XVII century Another architectural object, namely Barkaccha Fountain. According to the myths, the most real ship during the famous flood managed to settle stranded right on this area.

Piazza di Sphan (Square of Spain) Slice of Spain in the territory of the Italian state

It is likely that it was the above-described ship was depicted on the canvas of a skillful artist XIX century Ezhen Delacroix. His work was named Dante Boat.

In addition, the magnificent British poet of the beginning of the XIX century John Kitts lived, and then died in the house located on the right side of the Spanish stairs. He died very young – he was only 25 years old. In one of the houses, Spain’s diplomatic mission is currently located, the area in her honor was called.

Each lover of the history of ancient Rome will definitely appreciate this famous Roman area.

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