Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo (Ital. Piazza Del Popolo, People’s Square) – Perhaps the most famous area of ​​the eternal city. Piazza Del Popolo can be found in the 2nd almost identical churches, as well as a giant obelisk located in the center of the square. Today is Square – favorite place of meeting tourists and Romans.

Piazza Del Popolo was created in the era of the board of Pope Siksta V in the XVI century: It was according to his order "3 Central Rome Central Railways were laid – Corso, Baboino and Ripetta, as if diverged in different directions rays. So, these streets diverge from the People’s Square of Rome.

Piazza Del Popolo Attractions Rome Travel Guide

Obelisk, installed on Piazza Del Popolo, was transported to Rome after the victory over Egypt. His fragments were renovated in 1589 by architect d.Fontana. Obelisk gave the name of Flaming and installed on the square. In the XIX century, his foot appeared copies of antique lions, made of marble. Also tourists can see the marble bowl, made on the sketch of J.Della port. The architectr Valadier performed the subpensee leading to the fountain. The area is surrounded by a magnificent balustrade with sculptural allegories, symbolizing the seasons.

Today, tourists can see Piazza Del Popolo architect Juseppe Valadier, who connected the square with the hillside Pinchio Hill Beautiful Napoleonic Ladder. In the middle of the square rises Obelisk from Egypt 36 meters high.

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