Phi Phi – Great Place for Relax. In addition to the fact that there are really excellent diving near the island, the island itself is just beautiful. White Sand, Emerald Sea, Beautiful Bay, Karst Rocks, Tropical Forest.

Pi-Phi. Photo Credit: Benedicte Panariello, Flickr

The shape of the island is rather unusual – it actually consists of two hilly islands, which are combined. Both sides are the beaches that go to very beautiful bays. All life, Phi-FCI focuses on this narrow sandy part of the island. But if you rise to the mountains on most of the island, you can see such a landscape from which the spirit captures.

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Sunset over on Phi Phi. Photo Credit: Rodrigo Rios, Flickr

Sunset over on Phi Phi. Photo Credit: Alsu88 (60810689 @ N08), Flickr

There are no cars on the island to get to the Viability you need to protrude a kilometer two up (first on the steps, then along the path that wures the mountain). But, the walk is very pleasant, there are excellent views on the way, most importantly, do not forget to take water with you.

Well, at the top – WOW AND WOW! Route on huge stones, you can observe the view of another part of the island, beaches, bays, sea, islands and tropics. Nearby there is a small cafe and a couple of hammocks – all the conditions for immersed in Nirvana for a couple of hours)

Brilliant on Phi Phi, Thailand. Photo Credit: Piotr Staszczuk, Flickr


Symstroyground at Phi Phi, Thailand. Photo Credit: Sheree Blechynden, Flickr

Brilliant on Phi Phi, Thailand. Photo Credit: Carlelon, Flickr

Not everyone is impressive opening landscapes) Photo Credit: Niko Rönkkö, Flickr

Brilliant on Phi Phi, Thailand. Photo Credit: Jameziecakes, Flickr

Perfect observation deck on the phi phi. Photo Credit: pook ^ ^ (407564918), Flickr


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