Phuket Island is the best resort of Thailand

Staying on Phuket Island, even the most boring tourist will remain indifferent. This Pearl is the most beautiful island of the country Thailand, and this title he got at all in vain. Indeed, if you pay attention to Phuket Island, looking at the geographical map, you can see that the island is reminded in the form of an irregular pearl. But, of course, not only the outlines are famous Phuket – He is a pearl And in the literal. Tourist, of course.

How to get?

The area of ​​the Exotic Island Phuket is approximately equal to Singapore Square, and is 47 kilometers wide and 22 kilometers in length. The picturesque corner is located in the quiet waters of the Andaman Sea. Tourists get to the island extremely easy. You can travel on the aircraft from Bangkok Airport. This journey will be only about an hour. Besides, Tourists can get to Phuket Island Flights from airports not only thailand, but also Hong Kong, Malaysia and Even Europe.

What to see?

However, in the full sense of the word Phuket is not an island, as it connects with the mainland long but wide varia. Visit Phuket Island by tourist post. Here you can meet beautiful bays, mountains, jungle, temples, museums. Any tourist will find here everything that your heart. One disadvantage is that the attractions are too much to view them in one trip. In most cases, getting to attractions will have to taxi, since public transport to Phuket is not sufficiently developed. If you can not rent vehicles for travel around the island, it will be more convenient to visit attractions in group excursions. Besides Part of the sights, visited during tourist trips, are located not on the island, but on the mainland, And really get to them easier in the excursion group. And if you hire a charter boat, then it will cost you.

Housing on Phuket

On the island of Phuket, everyone can choose a place to stay. For a relaxing holiday you are waiting for beach bungalows. And for those who are used to living in luxury, the world-class hotels are intended. In one of the modern hotels on the coast you will be provided with a comfortable room. On the territory of each hotel there is a modern pool. Near the pool you can spend how much time you choose, but if you prefer natural nature, you can sunbathe on the beach.

For a quiet and refined rest, Phuket Island &# 8211; Real Paradise

And to be more accurate &# 8211; Tropical Paradise. You can get enough sleep on a gentle sun, under the bright rays of the Thailand Sun. Another holiday option can be a small hut on the seashore. No one, In addition to helpful thailand Will not disturb your calm. If you drive through the south side of the island, then you will find yourself on the chic beaches of Karon and Kata, who offer tourists around the world a huge selection of restaurants, cafes, shops and other entertainment places.

Resting in the sun South Patong Beach, you will find yourself in the power of a charming breeze and the quiet sea

Phuket Island is the best resort of Thailand

On Phuket Island there are all water sports options. It is possible to skate on scooters and water skis. Picturesque nature, sandy beaches, small wooded places, azure blue of the Andaman Sea. These are the magnificent landscapes who excite the imagination of tourists of Phuket Island. Tourists from all over the world fly to this fabulous corner of the planet. Translated from the Malaysian language "Phuket" indicates the concept of "Mountain". Islands not at the resorts of a global scale. Even the most arrogant tourist will find its small corner on the island.

Entertainment for tourists

For a lover of wildlife, the island offers diving, allowing you to admire and evaluate the diversity of the sea kingdom. In the northern part of the island there is a national reserve called Khao Phra, in which there is a huge number of exotic marine animals and plants, magnificent birds and orchids. Tourists will be able to enjoy the size and beauty of waterfalls Bang PAE and Ton SA, striking even sophisticated tourists. In the south-east of the island, unforgettable pictorial sunset on Cape Promthep is offered to the southeastern. In order to evaluate all the beauty of the magnificent sunset on the island, crowds of tourists from all over the world are constantly arriving. About the cultural heritage of the local population of Phuket, about his nature, and also to visit the Temple Chalong Tourists can during a survey tour of Phuket Island. Travelers After visiting the village of Marine Gypsy will be waiting for an interesting idea, show elephants. During the trip, tourists will show where cashew nuts grow and give a wonderful delicacy.

If you miss the fun nightlife with luxurious restaurants and loud dance facilities, go on Patong Beach Patong Beach coast

This place for a long time is considered center of fun. Patong is located not far from the administrative center of the island. The most exquisite Thai dishes can be enjoyed here. Entertainment life with sunset on the coast just begins.

Phuket Island is the best resort of Thailand

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