Phuket in February

If you choose the best month a year for rest on Phuket, then, in my opinion, it will be February. Of course, each has its own parameters to select optimal conditions. In February, a combination of basic recreation requirements is very harmonious: not too high prices, tourists are less than the new year, the weather is wonderful, the sun shines, and the sea is still calm. Let’s tell you more about Phuket in February. What happens in other months, read in a separate article.

Weather in Phuket in February

The second month of the calendar year is pleased with his pleasant weather. In early February, the temperature is not too hot and hesitated from +24 at night to +32 days. In some years considered Thai "freezes", It goes down to +21 at night. But closer to the end of February it becomes much hotter. For all day, the bright sun shines, there are practically no clouds, so it is necessary to take care of defense not the beach. In rare cases, you will be pleased with small rains – this is a tropical climate with unexpected precipitation throughout the year.

February is a great month not only for Phuket, but also for the entire coast of the Andaman Sea: Province of Phang Nga with the resort of Kao varnish, the mainland of the province of Krabi, Islands of Lanta, Phi Phi, Lipa and others. You can safely say that in February you can choose any coastal resort of Thailand. In the Siamese bay, the wonderful weather is also installed. Islands Samui, Tao, Phangan, Chang please sunny weather and lack of rains. And in the city of Pattaya, Hua Hin, Cha-AM can come all year round. To learn the weather on Phuket online, see the webcam section.

Phuket beaches in February

February sea and beaches in Phuket are distinguished by the calm and lack of waves. The unchanged year-round water temperature is saved at + 27-28 degrees. Tourists get less compared to January. Privacy should be sought on the north beaches: Surin, Bangtao, Naiton, Naang and May Khao. Do not forget about safety on water and bathing in the places allotted for this.

February Prices in Phuket

The cost of rooms in hotels is noticeably declining after January 15, which is reflected in the vouchers in Thailand in February. On Phuket still high season, but you can already find hot tours. Prices in restaurants, grocery stores and on the Makashniki remain unchanged. But you will be delighted with discounts and sales in honor of the Chinese New Year. However, sales in large Phuket stores are year-round, you will always find discounts in the main departments and on special trading platforms.

In February, Phuket is worth come the whole family. Newlyweds will like to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Thailand. For Thais, this is a reason for the next cheerful holiday that they love so. By the day of all lovers in Thailand, they include approximately as in Russia: they sell souvenirs in the form of hearts everywhere, solemn dinners are arranged in some hotels and restaurants. Great time to spend a honeymoon on Phuket or arrange a symbolic wedding ceremony on the beach. For Valentine’s Day In the Province of Trang, dozens of couples are immersed with scuba dwarfs to finish their union.

In the period from January 21 to February 21, the traditional Chinese New Year celebrate on Phuket. In the Temple, Chalong arrange a large fair with souvenirs and delicious food, the Festival of the Old Town is held in Phuket Town, the artists for the dance of the lion are invited to shopping centers. Follow the announcements of events in VKontakte and Facebook groups. On Sundays, visit the fair on Talang Street or go to Sandy Market on weekends. As you can see, on Phuket that no day, then the holiday.

Excursions in Phuket in February

Phuket in February - beaches, weather, prices, tour guide in Phuket

At this time, all excursions are held on Phuket, including Similans, Surinsky Islands, Rock and Ha. Marine smooth in the Bay of Phang Nga reminds the mirror, 11 Andaman Islands in all its glory are ready for guests, except for waterfalls in February not so full of water as in the summer months. For divers, fertile time continues when you can even meet a whale shark, not to mention other underwater inhabitants. Fishing in Phuket in February is distinguished by a big catcher: Sea perch, Marlin, Sailboat. And, of course, all the sights on the island of Phuket are open: Evening Show Siam Niramit and Fantasy, viewing platforms and temples, 3D Museum and an inverted House, Botanical Garden and Park Park, Crocodiles and Cabaret Cabaret.

For all guests, Phuket prepared excellent and varied holidays in February. Come on your whole family or with friends, take advantage of the opportunity to plunge from February frosts in the summer in the tropics. Phuket is waiting for you!

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Phuket in February - beaches, weather, prices, tour guide in Phuket

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