Mystery of an inconspicuous home in Oregon

This inconspicuous house, located in the town of Newport, Oregon, is radically different from its neighbors, and in general from most other houses. What is his secret you ask? To do this, you need to go inside the house ..

This small house having two garages and seeded with siding hides inside a real lock.

His mistress Elmin Barton once arrived in this quiet town to be closer to her brother.

When this house was just bought, he looked completely usually and had nothing distinguished. A new hostess decided to make a small repair in it, but this process is so interested that she gave him entirely.

In the house you can see many vintage things, as well as amazing wood threads.

Most of all these expensive things hosted by the owners of old English churches.

Mystery of an inconspicuous home in Oregon

The owner itself, describing his creation, says that: "It looks like life inside the painting of Rembrandt".

Externally, the house looks completely usually – this allowed the owner to avoid large taxes and excessive attention from the tax service.

Today the house is on sale for $ 399,000. So if you have the desire to move to a small town and live in the house, the interior of which is made in the style of the Renaissance, then this is your chance!

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