"Mystery evening" in Mexican

Taco – this is the food: cornpill with filling, roasted on coals, which is the most popular dish of Mexican national cuisine. Filling depends on taste and fantasy – meat, vegetables, fruit – and put on top. Establishments in which these taxia (multiple number) eat are referred to in Mexico City Treterias.

Just as in the recent past, dumplings in Moscow, unassuming tuckeria flooded the whole mexico, successfully withstanding competition with Mac Donalds, pizzerias and Chinese restaurants. A couple of troop takos with a bottle of Coca-Cola makes a domestic dinner of the overwhelming majority of the adult population of the Mexican capital. Literally: I didn’t go to Therteria – consider what day live in vain.

Among the numerous tanks in Mexico City, there is one, especially revered by the public: visitors of it, in addition to food, also get the spiritual. It is located on the street of Chola, two steps from the representative office "Aeroflot".

Bought 10 years ago, this institution Rene Orihel turned it out of the ordinary eatery in the real museum. In a cafe, a modestly referred to as a museum of such a museum, along with gastronomic art products (Takos), a visitor will be able to enjoy other masterpieces – from the field of painting, sculptures, music, photos. In the champion decorated in a red and green sauce, the pyramids of fire cornpoples on the tables are decorated, as it is impossible to harmonize with paintings and mist.

Mystery Evening in Mexican

Fan of Mexican cuisine – and the other there is no – Don Rena will offer all 50 varieties of Indian dishes, modernized by Spanish colonizers. The owner deliberately trying to please everyone without exception, inventing non-standard names and embodying them.

You would like, say, pellets "Mystery evening", Startled by salad and olives, calculated on orthodox Catholic customers? Or basket "Caprises Goya", with appetizing taos, stunted wonderful fruits and disorders of the old and new light, invented for fans of painting? Of course, such a dish should be called in honor of someone from small Dutch, with one look at the still lifes of which the mad salivation begins. And please, you devoted Goya. Probably, spanish, im, Mexicans, closer. Although, if you look around the map, closest there to the center of Don Rene Office "Aeroflot".

Mystery Evening in Mexican

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