Mysterious Scotland

Scotland, P His mysteriousness, perhaps, can compete with Antarctic, Although it is part of Europe, located in the north of Great Britain. As a rule, our knowledge of Scotland does not apply further to whiskey and cheolnok, well, maybe a Scottish skirt &# 8211; kilts who wear men. But this is an extraordinary country, full sights, riddles and secrets.

In Scotland There is something to see: Nature lovers will like her landscape, connoisseurs of history are impressive medieval castles, and those who love national holidays and customs, remember traditional clothes and the national holiday of the Scottish &# 8211; Highland games.

Mountains divide Scotland for three parts: in the north is North-West Highlands, south &# 8211; Grand Mountains, and closer to the border with England &# 8211; South Scottish elevation. The intimacy of the ocean is felt by a sharp change of weather, spring winds of fogs, summer rains and autumn cold evenings.

But changing the weather, for some reason it does not make climate of Scotland with uncomfortable &# 8211; Rather, it is better because of the proximity to nature. Yes, nature &# 8211; This is a separate Scottish attraction: It is unique at every point in the country, and in the Rocky Mountains, and in the endless valleys, and at the Rainun ski resort, and on the islands that are so rich in water, washing the northern and northwestern coast of the country.

Lowland &# 8211; The area where small plains and hills of volcanic origin are located, is famous for their fertile lands that collect wonderful crops of oats. Also developed metallurgical, shipbuilding and chemical industry, especially near Glasgow &# 8211; The largest city of Scotland.

Do you think all the Scots wear checkered skirts? No &# 8211; only residents of mountainous &# 8211; "Highlanders". Each group of families &# 8211; clan &# 8211; corresponds to its colors of the skirt. On a certain day of the year, all men clan, wherever they are, put on their "clan" costume in which the kilt skirt includes long stockings, a wallet that is on the belt, a tweed jacket and TAM-O-Shanter &# 8211; Scottish beret. The obligatory attribute of the costume is the knife stored for the right stock.

Mysterious Scotland

Annually representatives of clans go to Highland games. The tradition of the Games was lost, and again revived at the end of the XVIII century, which the Queen of Victoria contributed to a considerable degree, which provided all sorts of supporting games.

During festivals You can listen to music performed by hundreds of villans, see the folk dances, and most importantly, to watch athletic competitions, in the program of which includes throwing logs, stone, hammer, weights and beams of straw &# 8211; Sheno.

Interestingly, this festival served Pierre de Cuberthane prototype Olympiad, When the baron was developed by the Rules of the Olympic Games.

Everyone who once visited Scotland, dreams to come back here to see these castles, breathe amazing air, to stay among the locals, and become a "slightly Scottal". If you have not been here, then do not think &# 8211; Take your vacation, buy tickets &# 8211; Scotland is glad to everyone, because everyone will find something in Scotland!

Mysterious Scotland

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