Mysterious profession – what does it mean to be a stewardess

Tell me a little about yourself and how you became a stewardess.
I was born and spent school years in a small town Slavyansk, Ukraine. Then she moved to live and learn to Kharkov, graduated from the Master in the specialty "Management of the WED". I always loved to travel, but I am from a very simple family, my parents had no money to send me into foreign trips, but I really wanted to see the world with my own eyes. From the first year during the summer holidays, I worked as a waitress and all hard earned money I spent one trip per year.

Oddly enough, I never dreamed of becoming a flight attendant. For a long time I have read somewhere that only tall girls take on flight attendants, and I with my 161 cm clearly did not fall into their number.

In 2012, I came to live and work in Dubai as hostess in a restaurant. Having worked for 5 months, I realized that it was not mine. I remember how flight attendants from the Portuguese airline were settled in the hotel, and then I thought this life: live in a 5-star hotel, walk on the UAE – and all for free. All my colleagues also tried to break out of the hotel and get to aviation. Then I, not to speak (even parents), submitted an application online in Flydubai. A week later I was invited to an interview.

It was on September 2, 2012: We were a man 45, all dressed with needles, in the ironed costumes, with perfect makeup and a smile on the face. After two tests and group tasks, a couple of dozens of people were detected, as a result, 12 candidates were left to the main interview. Then I started really nervous, as I got very far away, and, of course, it will be a shame if they denounce me now. I especially experienced the level of my English, as many guys spent freely in five languages, and then I talked in English, but with errors.

After the interview everyone was told to wait for the result. September 4, 2 days after the interview, there was a call from the unknown number: "Svetlana, that’s you? We congratulate you, you successfully passed the interview. Welcome to Flydubai team ». I could not believe I was madly happy, in addition it was my birthday. So I got the best gift in my life – I became a stewardess.

  • free English,
  • School graduation diploma,
  • Minimum age – 21 years,
  • Minimum growth – 158 cm without shoes,
  • No tattoo and piercing on visible parts of the body,

What would you advise those who want to become a flight attendant?
I would advise during an interview to remain myself, not nervous and smile. And even if you received a failure, do not lower your hands and not give up, but to continue attempts. And I want to say that work in the sky is very tempting and binds to itself. Many come for two years, and eventually fly 10-15 years. "Tests one time, and your eyes will forever fix in the sky. Once there I have been having every life you are doomed to wander about him "- Leonardo da Vinci.

Would you easily move to Dubai? You can call him your home?
I was easy to move, the main thing is to determine the aim of "why and why in the UAE".
There are many different agencies helping to find a job in the UAE – most often this work in the service sector (hotels, restaurants, shops). The cost of the agency’s services – 500-700 dollars. At first I decided to use the services of one of such agencies, even passed an interview to the Hostess position in one of the hotels. But my contract was delayed, and I decided to search for work independently over the Internet in parallel. For the first week I found a job (hostess at 5 * hotel), I was interviewed on Skype and after 3 weeks flew to Dubai. Flights and visa provides an inviting party – also saved 500 dollars at the agency.

Dubai for many just a transshipment point – citizenship you will not get and live here while there is a job. I live for more than 5 years in Dubai, and at the moment it is my home. Here are my relatives, friends and beloved job.

About work

What makes your job? What skills you need to possess a stewardess?
The work of flight attendants is not only passenger service. The most important duty is to ensure flight safety and responsibility for each passenger. We must deliver all the guests of the aircraft from point A to point b all, unharmed and pleased. Flight attendants must be as collected and attentive. We have no right to show excessive concern or concern. The situation during the flight must be calm and hospitable.

Stewardess in general have to own the skills of three professions. First, it should be a great waitress to politely and correctly serve passengers. Secondly, the stewardess should be a lifeguard. And thirdly, it should be a nurse on board, help the patients with passengers.

What are the pros and cons of your profession?
I have worked for 5 years in aviation, and I have many friends who work in other airlines. Each airline has its advantages and disadvantages (large or small company, airline in the CIS or International). The main thing is to decide what it is important for you.

  • good salary;
  • Mysterious profession - what does it mean to be a stewardess
  • Romantic, mysteriousness of the profession;
  • the ability to see new countries;
  • frequent leave;
  • quite a lot of weekend (12-15 days a month);
  • Interesting work and acquaintance with new people.
  • most often you work in such holidays as New Year, Easter, May 1 and T.D.;
  • The work is very exhausting: constant night shifts, an abnormal schedule – it can affect health;
  • Work prevents many in personal life;
  • During the flights there are different people, and inadequate passengers are no exception. Can be smeared, heat, often come across drunk and capricious. Need to learn to keep yourself in hand and do not fall in spirit.
  • Emergency situations – additional stress.

What privileges in travel gives you job?

Much advantage – 50-70% discounts on flights of many airlines (Flydubai, Emirates, Airfrance, Lufthansa, etc.). But these tickets have a significant drawback – they do not give 100% guarantees that you will fly away. You will be taken to the flight, only if there are free space on board. Sometimes there are unpleasant situations when you planted everything, and eventually stuck at the airport.

Describe your typical working day.
In my typical working day you need to come 1.5 hours before takeoff, check all the workers of theses and updates. In one hour a briefing begins, where the whole team is going together: Meet, discuss the details of the upcoming flight, we ask questions about security and first aid. Then we pass the immigration service and go to the plane. There we must inspect the aircraft for foreign objects, take kitchen equipment and nutrition, issue documentation and prepare everything you need to service on flight. Everything needs to be done very quickly – we have a limited period of time for all. After starting, take off, flight, decline, passenger landing. On the ground comes a special team of people who clean the plane. Then it starts again.

My airline is small, we fly on aircraft Boeing 737, T.E. We do not fly over long distances (flight for a maximum of 7 hours from Dubai). Most of our flights are a turnout (flights back and back), but there are business trips, flights from the night. For example, in our airline is Colombo, Prague, Kyiv, Bratislava, Bangkok, Dhaka, Dar Es Salam.

Business trips most often for 24 hours, eat and longer, but very rare. The airline provides a good hotel and travel. Time most often enough to go out into the city and see the main attractions. But some workers, the charter after the flight, want only to relax in their room. So most of my cool journeys are my personal vacation, not work.

Tell about your colleagues.
I work in the international airline, and most of my colleagues are foreigners from around the world, more than 120 different nationalities. We have a friendly team, perhaps it is due to the fact that the company is quite small (2500 flight attendants). However, most often I fly with new people, and again seen with them on the flight, maybe it will work in two years. Personally, I am friends more with our-speaking guys or leaves from Asia (Korea, Philippines). But, unfortunately, it does not happen often: everyone has its own schedule of flights, vacations and t.D.

About travel

  • Rock Pedra De Gavea in Rio de Janeiro
  • Grand Canyon and Zaivan Park in USA
  • Troll language in Norway
  • Machu Picchu in Peru
  • Solonchak Uyuni in Bolivia
  • Himalayas in Nepal
  • Fabulous beaches in the Philippines
  • Sakura flowering in Japan.

What is the most important travel?
I think the most important thing is to be an open new one (culture, people, traditions, food). Travel is a little life. And by and large, it is not so important where you go – in distant edges or a neighboring city. The main thing is to capture a good mood on a trip!

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