Mysterious macro photography extinguished the network

Mysterious image extinguished the Internet. On one of the most popular sites in the world, Reddit shot has collected more than 32,000 votes and almost 1000 comments. The signature to the photo said that on it – a mosquito leg, increased 800 times.

As noted by Live Science, the picture was made by photographer Steve Gswisisner and entered into a short list of the international competition "Fine art for science" in 2016.

On the frame you can see the prtarzus – the last segment of the foot, carrying the pad (archine), pulvilles and claws. Pulvilles – two soft pads of the tip of the paws, each under its own claw; Serve to hold an insect on a smooth or inclined vertical surface.

Such a device allows the mosquito to land on the water, where these insects are laying off eggs, the author of the snapshot notes.

Mysterious macro photography extinguished the network

GSMAYSSER has a scientific degree from zoology and many years of experience in cancer research using a raster electron microscope (RAM). Ten years ago, the scientist left medicine and began to earn with the help of a macrofoto. Since then, he sold more than 25,000 images. His customers are the most diverse – from collectors and scientists to designers of album covers and even fashionable homes.

The photographer explored a large number of tiny worlds using this device. In his portfolio spiders, multi-popes, wasps, larvae, ants. Gsmisisner photographed yeast cells, algae and marijuana leaves details. But his beloved theme is human microanother. With the help of Rem, he took off his own blood, having received impressively detailed images of blood cells and platelets. You can get acquainted with other works of the photographer on its website.

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