Mysterious Island Easter

Among the Huge Pacific Ocean on Easter Island can be seen Amazing figures, built of stone. Silhouettes of monuments fascinate with their calm, nobility and secret.

Still unknown how huge statues were here. When they were erected? Who is depicted on statues?

It is unknown when the island was populated. Today’s name of the territory gave Netherlands navigator Jacob Rogheven, who discovered him before the Easter holiday.

There are various versions of whom and when the island itself was inhabited. Some believe that statues began to appear approximately in the 17th century. Others argue that the island was populated in 5-6 centuries. Sculptures on the island are located in various places. Statues numbered About 900. All of them weigh more than one ton.

Some scientists believe that Statues created local breeding tribes. This can be judged by the fact that The extinct volcano detected a quarry. There you can see the faces of the unfinished statues that began to hollow out of stones. Thus, local tribes depicted their ancestors and worshiped them.

Living on the island People believed that idols possess a magical force, can manage the weather, bring well-being ancestors or can curse the enemy. So the inhabitants of the island tried to erect their idol of a huge size, because the more statue, the greater power it possesses.

Other scientists argue that the savages who lived on the island could not build such huge Eastukanov and settle them all over the island. Therefore, there is an opinion that Easter Island is part of a sunken Lemuria. The Lemurians themselves were a highly developed race, their growth was more than 15 meters, so they did not cost labor to build such gigantic statues.

There is another interesting version of the creation of sculptures on the island. According to this version, the statues were Constructed by aliens from space. Aliens accidentally hit the island, because their spacecraft broke down. They began to build Eastukanov similar to themselves. And when the ship was repaired, the aliens flew away.

Mysterious Island Easter

If you believe legend, idiot – This is one of the forms of underground life. In the distant times of the statues were able to walk, they came out of volcanic materials. Near the Volcano Rana-Raarak found many stone statues. They went to the surface and froze in immobility, because they got into the unusual habitat for them.

I wonder what Many of the Istukanov on the head had a red "hat". Most likely, the hat was made of red volcanic stone. Also from white volcanic glass have been installed in the eyes of all sculptures. To date, the sockets are not preserved, fell out.

There are many theories about how the statues arose on the island. Scientists still try to solve this riddle of origin, but science can not yet answer this question.

Tourists from all over the world come to the island look at this miracle of nature. Easter Island is located in the territory of Chile. Some execution of idols can be seen in large museums of the world. Statues of the island surprise with their scale. They are shrouded in myths and the legends of their origin.

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