Mysterious grotto of shells in margit

In the old seaside town of Margit (Margatece), located in English County Kent, there is a mysterious shell Grotto cave with a winding corridor of 20 meters long, the walls of which are decorated with millions of shells.

Who and why created such an unusual place remains a mystery, despite the fact that the grotto was discovered more than 150 years ago.

As the story says, the grotto was opened by the Englishman James Newlov, when he spent the work on creating a pond for ducks. When Mr. Jamesom’s shovel fell through the land, he sent his youngest son Joshua to explore the underground move.

Since before that day, none of the residents of Margit did not suspect the existence of an underground cave, Newlov decided not to waste time: he equipped the grotto with lamps and opened a landmark for visiting tourists.

The grotto of the shells amazes the imagination of visitors: more than 4.6 million oscillances were used to decorate his arches. Here you can see the sinks, mussels, oysters, scallops, sea sauces, bucculents of mollusks and many other representatives of local fauna.

Mysterious grotto of shells in margit

The grott has not been seriously conducted, since the non-profit organization, which he belongs, there is no funds for payment. In addition, a study requires a large number of seashells, so society has decided that the preservation of the sights is much more important than the investigation of its history.

In the absence of proper scientific research it is impossible to say when the grotto was created. The most popular theory says that the grotto was built by an eccentric rich man without a specific purpose.

In 1700, such faders were common: there are several examples of such "useless" structures across the country found near the majestic homes of rich landowners.

Mysterious grotto of shells in margit

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