Mysterious "desert snakes" in Israel, Jordan and Egypt

The pilots of the Royal Air Force opened a great view of the deserted plots of Israel, Jordan and Egypt, so that they could notice these unusual formations that were not so obvious from the Earth.

To many pilots, these structures reminded in their own form of air coarse. White people first saw these mysterious figures only in 1920, although local Bedouins knew them for thousands of years.

Bedouins called these figures "works of old people". After their unexpected opening of the Air Force Pilots, thousands of these structures were investigated throughout the territory of the Arabian and Sinai Peninsulas, as well as in the south-east of Turkey.

Most often, "desert snakes" consist of two low stone walls of different thickness and heights that begin far from each other and gradually approach to create V shape or funnel shape.


Such stone walls can extend for hundreds of meters and even a few kilometers. Their form and archaeological evidence suggests that these extensive stone structures may function as traps intended for catching and destroying a large number of wild animals.

Most of the "desert snakes" were built between 4000 g. to N.NS. But some of these structures, according to archaeologists, were created another 8000 g. BC.

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