Mysterious City Machu Picchu

The lost city of Inca Machu-Picchu, that in translated means "Old mountain", One of the most visited tourists in the world, in 2007 was included in the list of seven new miracles of the world.

The city itself was discovered by the archaeologist Hyram Bingham in 1911 at an altitude of 2057 meters, in search "Cities in Heaven" He spent not one year. Near the Old Mountain is New Mountain – Vain Picchu.

By legend, in the silhouette of Vain Picchu Mountain, you can consider an Indian’s profile, which is the Keeper of the Mountain. Picchu Machu was founded in 1450 by the leader of the Inca Pachakta, most of the buildings are warehouses, the residence of temples and T.NS. The city is divided by sectors: sector of temples, residential sector, cemetery and dungeon.

Mysterious City Machu Picchu

Fallen on the mountain had the right only chosen: priestesses with a retinue, the highest to know, the best craftsmen and Mamakunas – Virgin, who gave their lives to serving God. About a thousand Incans inhabited the old mountain and its district until 1532, when all residents disappeared without a trace and Machu Picchu was empty.

The government has established a strict limit to visit Machu Picchu – no more than 2500 people per day and Vain Picchu – no more than 400 people per day. In order to visit the most important landmark of Peru, you must first get to the city of Cusco, and from it to reach Aguas-calcentine – close to Machu Piccho settlement.

Mysterious City Machu Picchu

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