Mysterious circles on the fields in Namibia. Photo

For several decades, scientists from different countries of the world tried to explain the origin of the so-called "African Magic Circles" – numerous sections of bare land with a diameter of 2 to 15 meters, along the perimeter of which the grass is actively growing.

These mysterious circles are found in the southwestern part of Africa – most of them in Namibia, but also present in Angola and South Africa.

For the first time, the scientific world learned about them in 1971, since then some versions of their origin were nominated, among which were theories about radioactive soil, plant toxins and termites. But there was no one for this issue among scientists.

Perhaps the only scientists in the views were that the circles are constantly growing and multiply, live on average from 30 to 60 years, then "die" and overgrow herbs.

Only in 2013, the biologist from the University of Hamburg – Norbert Juergens, was able to prove that there is nothing fantastic in the origin of these circles, and they are created by sandy termites of the type PSAMMOTERMESEs, which constantly live in these soils.

Mysterious circles on the fields in Namibia. Photo

The sandy termites were found in 100% of the newly formed circles and were there the only inhabitants there.

The scientist discovered that by setting in the soil of termites, they begin to nibble the roots of the grass, tearing, so the soil and making it more suitable for their movements. It also provides them with water delay in Earth, which is very important for survival in its conditions of constant shortage.

All these processes in the end lead to extinction of vegetation and the formation of "magic" circles in the fields and meadows.

Mysterious circles on the fields in Namibia. Photo

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