Mysterious Birma

The state of Myanmar (it was called Burma until 1989) is located in the north-west Peninsula Indochina and Right with China, Thailand, Laos, India and Bangladesh. The state of Myanmar is small, 678,500 km2, however, has access to the sea and, through the Bengal Bay, in the Indian Ocean.

Myanmar – Land of mountain heights, difficult jungle and numerous mysterious Buddhist sanctoes.

Climatic features

The climate of Myanmar has a tropical character, with monscons. South Countries – Subexvatorial. Thanks to the monscons, 3 seasons stand out. In the 1st season, ongoing from November to February, the average temperature is no more than + 25 ° C, which is considered to be quite non-jar of the weather in this area. Just during this period great The risk of dust storms on the territory of the state. 2nd season is hot. It continues from March to May with temperatures above + 32 ° C. Rainy season, 3rd season, continues from June to October.

Natural features

The overwhelming part of Myanmar is These are mountain ranges belonging to the Himalayas. It is here that the highest peak of Southeast Asia is located – Mount Hacabo-time height 5881 m. Thanks to climatic characteristics, these mountains are richly covered with various kinds of plants, which manites an all increasing number of ecotourists. Widely well-known mountain reserves are invited to immerse themselves in a unique local flora and fauna: Mountain Reserves Shaudown and Pidown, Lamp Island in Andaman Sea, Alangdo-Katpa National Park.

In the central part of the republic, the delightful and unique valleys of the two largest rivers of the state were spread Iruvadi and Salouoin, On the plains of which a number of national parks are arranged.


Mysterious Birma

The most famous landmark, every year the popularity of numerous foreign travelers, is the Swedagon Pagoda, located in Yangon, one of the largest cities in the country. This building was erected two and a half thousand years ago. Spire Pagoda, a height of about 100 m, decorates more Thousands of gemstones and gold plates. The temple of a giant sculpture of the lying Buddha with a length of about 55 m is famous, as well as four of his hair, which are stored in Podgoda. It is noteworthy that this sanctuary is still open to believers and allows pilgrim-Buddhists near the data of wonderful relics.

Yangon City can be compared with a park in which fascinating ponds and lakes are located. This place is considered the perfect For family holidays, Since the children have the opportunity for a long time to have fun in the surrounding parks of attractions.

The city of Mandalay is the center of culture in the state. Here are the hill of Mandalay, the Palace of Schwendo, as well as the vintage cities of Ava, Amarabut and Sagain, located nearby.

Another city, abandoned Bagan, is world famous for its amazing temples, where you can plunge into the wonderful atmosphere of Asia. Tourists are oolerly this Panorama of countless pagodas and monasteries On the square of 42 km2.

Mandatory to visit is the unique Lake Inle. In his middle erected Monastery of jumping cats. Even today there are less than 10 monks who train cats to show amazing tricks for tourists. Also, this lake is famous for its floating market, which once a week suits the native population. It is possible to buy practically the same souvenirs as on the usual markets of the country.

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