Mysterious and mystical Karelia

Karelia stone labyrinths – place of pilgrimage practitioners Black magic. It is believed that facilities are related to The cult of the dead. Maze symbolize winding life path to gates of death. There is an opinion, &# 8211; If you are correctly calculated in what life point you are relative to the bends of the labyrinth, you can fix something on your life path.

Kola Peninsula Call gates to the parallel world. Scientists argue about Schungita deposits In these places, which local residents are endowed Mystical properties. Researchers find a connection between Shungitom and advent Snow man In these places.

Incredible amount of secrets keeps Ladoga lake. except Amazing Flora and Fauna, inexplicable Light and sound phenomena, Here, according to the testimony of numerous eyewitnesses, lives "Loch Ness monster"! Moreover, the certificates of local "Nesseli"Many not only centenary longtime, but also these days. His vacationers and locals were seen, sailors and scientists met him.

Mount Vottovaara Most popular place Forces. At the top of the mountain is located Rag of stones, which was "Sanctuary" Ancient Saamov. It is believed that an abnormal zone in this place enhances the action of spiritual practices, so they often spend here Seminars and retreats.

Panaarvi National Park was established by B 1992. Summer here you can enjoy White nights, And in winter there are often Northern Lights.

Mysterious and mystical Karelia

Another sight of the park – Lake Paanairvi, Depth of which 128m., Water is considered Healing, It is behind the tourists come here.

Olch Roch It is considered a place Female Energy. In distant times lived here witch, overgoing winds. Still preserved The foundation of her house, To which women come to ask for help in their troubles. Like many power places, grove is famous Strong winds and attracts lightning, What promotes Frequent fires. However, initially, there was a place called Sacred, Standing Lutheran church, But frequent fires destroyed and buildings, and trees.

O Mystical and mysterious places Karelia You can tell a lot, but it is better to see at least once everybody with your own eyes, hear from the locals legends and myths about the ancient residents and mystical creatures, about the magical healing nature. It’s worth to wash at least once living water local lakes, inhale the magic air edges and you just want to go back.

Mysterious and mystical Karelia

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