Mysterious and Dicken Laos

Laos Country is quite poor, if you compare it with more wealthy neighbors: Thailand and Vietnam. However, a large number of traveling foreigners interested in the study of unique Asian crops, literally chose Laos. Laos residents are very leopard, the bustle is not characteristic. They are Buddhists and this explains a lot, because Buddhism is a peaceful religion based on self-knowledge and enlightenment. Life here flows calmly and measured.

Laos and Soviet Union

In the nearby past, the bonds of fraternal friendship tied Laos and the Soviet Union. In the 60s of the last century, diplomatic relations were established between these, it would seem completely polar countries. The country of Soviets did not once provide comprehensive support for Laos, organized the construction of bridges, supplied military equipment and helped in every way in the development of the poor country’s economy. Even now, to meet on the streets of Laos old &# 8220; Volga&# 8221; or darling &# 8220; Zhigul&# 8221; phenomenon as common as snow in Siberia.


Capital State City with a melodious name Vientiane. The town is small, but very colorful and distinctive. Here you will not meet high-rise buildings and luxurious shopping centers, there are even larger supermarkets here, but only small private shops. In such cities, there is your entourage and a special atmosphere.

Objectively speaking, to inspect all the attractions of the capital enough two days. In the center of the capital, the Triumphal Arch of Potusay, which attracts all the visits touring on the photo shoot.

Triumphal Arch Potusai

Mysterious and Dicken Laos

This monument was erected as a sign of the liberation of Laos from the French. In the past, Laos – French colony, which preserved the features of French culture to this day. Many buildings in the country are built in a colonial style, literally at every turn locals bake French baguettes and this is just a small part of France’s print. In addition to the triumphal arch in the city center, ascetic Vientiane can offer tourists from a dozen Buddhist temples, entrance to each of which is paid, and the fee for foreigners is several times higher than for local, however, this is a standard situation in many countries of Southeast Asia.


Perhaps the most important and valuable landmark of Laos is the largest Mekong River, which Laos nicknamed the breadwinner, and not! Mekong – a great source of fresh water, and fisheries citadel. The river, literally crowded with fish, allows local residents to feed their families and at the same time make a living. Even river dolphins are found in her waters! In addition, Mekong is still the largest transport artery on which they are organized. Pleasure boats, riding tourists in Mekong, enjoy incredible popularity. There are boat-restaurants that provide a good service, and if you wish, you can easily spend the night among the jungle on the river, having previously agreed with the owner of the ship.

Every year the number of people choosing non-standard directions for their travels are rapidly increasing. Laos is perfect for hunters for wild exotic and lovers of all unexplored!

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