Mysterious and attractive

Abandoned buildings attract a halo of mystery and often accessibility. For each broken chandelier, dusty mirror and a rusted bathroom feel some story, even mysticism. And even if it’s just a game of imagination, she makes the heart beat more often.

Probably because of such sensations, 30-year-old Dutchman Roman Rukgor has dedicated a photo project about mysterious abandoned places. During this time, the novel visited five hundreds of people abandoned by people. Recently, he submitted to the public a series of pictures of abandoned buildings in France of the most detailed destination – from old houses and castles to Morgov and Churches.

Mysterious and attractive

"These old structures keep history in themselves," says photographer. – they are very diverse in architecture, and everyone as if telling his own legend. In the floors and ceilings are often there are holes, everywhere dust and many furniture. Surprisingly to see the real life of the past ".

In continuation of the topic "My Planet" offers you a selection of photos of abandoned villages from around the world. And who will argue: in fading there is a special beauty. In continuation of the topic – the interiors of buildings that people left. And here – whole cities of the accomplished apocalypse.

Mysterious and attractive

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